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Stir-fry Sauce Recipes from Scratch - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-05
Stir-fry Sauce Recipes from Scratch  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Whether it's chicken, tofu, shrimp or beans, simple homemade stirring
The fried sauce greatly increases the taste and taste of the food.
Learn how to make them.
Whether it's dim sum, bok choys or pickled tofu, I love my Chinese food very much and would love it more if it was stirred --fried.
I like the fried ones.
Fried sauces, that's why I learned how to make sauces from scratch.
Here are some you can try at home.
This sauce has a very good mixing effect on ginger chicken.
Fried food with rice.
Put all ingredients into the mixer and stir for 2 minutes
Prepare fried condiments.
Match this with braised tofu with noodles.
To put it simply, put everything in a bowl and stir until you have a condiment with a cream foam left.
When you're excited
Fried tofu, pour This seasoning at the end, stir the tofu.
Do this simple stirring
Place all ingredients except peanuts in a bowl and stir well.
When you have a smooth sauce, add peanuts and mix with the sauce. This semi-
Thick, dark brown sweet and spicy condiments can also be used as dipping sauce.
Put all the items in a spacious bowl and mix them together with your hands.
You have to keep mixing it until you have a smooth brown sauce with red color on hand.
Once again, put everything together and stir until you have a uniform condiment.
Even a kid can make this sauce, so there's no reason you look like an outsider.
So, now that you know 5 different sauces, you can make them at home and add easy stirring at any time
Stir-fry the recipe of your choice.
One of the biggest reasons you learn how to make these sauces is that most of the ingredients needed for these sauces are plain foods.
Also, you can adjust the flavor of the sauces to your taste to make them hotter, sweeter or more specific.
So try these sauces as soon as possible and tell me how you are doing.
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