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stewarding department training guidelines – knowing your ... - how to clean restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
stewarding department training guidelines – knowing your ...  -  how to clean restaurant dishes
Although the housekeeper knows the essential duties of the housekeeper even before the first day of work, he still has to know the duties and duties specified by the restaurant.
The basic duties of all kitchen administrators may be relatively the same, but there are still differences between restaurants.
This may not have anything to do with the special duties of the kitchen attendant, but the first thing he must know is, of course, who his employer is.
He has to know not only who his employer is, but also the company itself.
Including the history, mission and vision of the restaurant.
At the same time, he must also know who his supervisor is, especially the head of his department.
The restaurant usually provides the staff with a manual and it is the responsibility of the new housekeeper to be familiar with all the rules and regulations of the restaurant.
In addition, he must be very familiar with the rules and regulations of the food and beverage department itself.
If he has any questions about the manual, he should not hesitate to ask his supervisor so that he can provide excellent service at any time.
Due to the wide variety of kitchen equipment and appliances that are often used in the kitchen, it is the housekeeping's duty to understand how to operate and maintain each kitchen equipment correctly.
It is also his duty to keep the above appliances and equipment clean.
Any damage or problems with the equipment should be reported to his supervisor immediately.
The kitchen also uses a variety of chemicals, especially clean ones.
Now it is the responsibility of the housekeeper to know which chemical is used for which job, and on top of that, it is also his duty to know how to use chemicals properly, in accordance with the health and safety policies of the restaurant, especially the food and beverage department.
It is also his duty to know how to properly handle and store chemicals.
The restaurant also values the safety of the guests and all the people who work in the restaurant.
Therefore, the flight attendant must know where the fire passage is and what to do in case of emergency.
Seminars and training on security procedures and policies will be held, and his duties include participation in these workshops and training.
Everything the kitchen attendant does during the shift must be careful.
There is a policy of "cleaning while walking" in the restaurant, which he should always follow.
Not only does he keep clean when following this policy, he also helps to avoid accidents and accidents in the workplace.
The biggest responsibility of the waiter is, of course, to keep the restaurant clean, especially the kitchen.
This includes duties ranging from washing dishes and disinfection to cleaning floors and windows.
It also includes cleaning of kitchen appliances such as coffee machine, refrigerator, juicer, freezer, Chiller, refrigerator room, etc.
In addition, the work also includes cleaning the loading dock, washroom, garbage area, etc.
And make sure they are always clean and tidy.
In addition to ensuring that the cleanliness of the kitchen remains the same at all times, he is responsible for personal hygiene.
This includes taking a batch every day before work and making sure he is in a clean and tidy uniform.
His nails should be short, his hair should be trimmed, and his hair should be clean and orderly.
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