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stewarding department training guidelines – knowing when ... - how to clean restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
stewarding department training guidelines – knowing when ...  -  how to clean restaurant dishes
Being a kitchen housekeeper is by no means an easy job.
It is the responsibility of the kitchen steward to ensure that every item in the kitchen is ready for use, including cutlery, plates, tools and the entire kitchen area.
This is to make sure that the customer is not in any trouble and, in turn, the restaurant is not in trouble.
This is also to make sure that the agency you work for shows the best things to new customers, which may welcome them back in future meals, thus keeping the restaurant running properly.
In order to do a thorough job as a kitchen Butler, you should know how to properly clean the kitchen and all its tools, and how often you should clean it.
These items should be cleaned after each cooking shift.
Items include Fryer, grill, disinfection bucket, trash can, cleaning cloth or rag, Chef Apron and coat, meat and cheese knife, kitchen floor and floor mat.
Of course, you should also clean and disinfect all surfaces, including preparation tables, cutting boards, production lines, etc.
After a day, these items are those that need to be cleaned once a day after they have passed.
Your responsibility is to make sure that the oil mouth is cleaned, the foil lining of the grill, grill and flattops is changed, the jar opener is cleaned, and most importantly, the filter of the kitchen hood is washed.
These are your responsibility after a week and you can check at least once a week.
Make sure you wash and disinfect reach-
In the cooler and oven.
You also need to clean the sink and faucet and use the drain cleaning product on the floor drain.
Also, you need to make sure the knives are in the best condition and sharpen them when needed.
These items don't need to be cleaned frequently after a month, but you should remember to wash them at least once a month.
Make sure the oven, stove and frying pan do not have any grease build up that can cause a fire if left alone for a long time.
Clean the freezers and ice machines and make sure they are unfrozen.
Check the oven, thermometer and other heating materials and recalibrate them.
Grinding knives, cutting knives, knives, etc.
Make sure the walls and ceiling are clean.
Check the safety data sheet, of course.
There is something here every year and you need to clean it at least once a year.
Of course, the hood of the kitchen is exceptional and it needs to be cleaned at least twice a year.
Make sure you remove any solidified grease.
Another very important thing you need to check is the fire extinguisher and Fire Fighting System in the kitchen.
Safety is always the top priority in the workplace.
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