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Stewarding Department Training Guidelines – Knowing the Kitchen’s Cleaning Materials - how to clean restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-26
Stewarding Department Training Guidelines – Knowing the Kitchen’s Cleaning Materials  -  how to clean restaurant dishes
The kitchen administrator is responsible for ensuring that everything in the kitchen is disinfected, whether it's tableware, dishes, equipment or other supplies.
This is a major responsibility as it ensures that customers in the restaurant use clean tableware, glasses, plates, etc. to avoid any problems.
If they mess up in any way, it can cause trouble for customers and restaurants.
Every kitchen Butler must know and be familiar with how to use the cleaning tools available in the kitchen, especially the dishwasher.
The most important cleaning tool in the dishwasher kitchen is the dishwasher.
The first thing you need to do is make sure to scrape off any leftover food particles from your plate, jar, etc.
You can clean them with a rubber spatula or a knife, or if you want to clean them more thoroughly, wash them with water first.
Now you have to put them in their respective positions in the dishwasher correctly.
You then need to put some detergent on the dishwasher cup, add the bleach to the dispenser and close them properly.
Now you want to choose the wash cycle and dry cycle for the plate you put in, then you can start the dishwasher.
Cleaning products have different types of cleaning products and you should be aware of products that are concentrated or diluted.
There are two concentrations, and diluted cleaning products are usually used by restaurants with too much storage space.
However, the diluted restaurant is more suitable for small restaurants with less storage.
The only thing you have to keep in mind is to make sure you add water for proper dilution.
To make sure you do it right, you should also read the instructions carefully.
Some restaurants have high quality storage equipment that will ensure that newly washed dishes and utensils are properly stored away from dust, bacteria or other forms of contaminants.
These usually appear in the form of high quality commercial cabinets or shelves.
Remember to store them properly because you are just wasting your efforts to wash dishes and cutlery.
Cleaning the hood of the kitchen is one of the hardest places to clean because it has different parts.
The cleaning materials you need to use are as follows: rubber gloves, goggles, a piece of cloth, a bucket, and of course a cleaner of your choice.
You may also need something to remove the various chemicals that solidify in different parts of the hood.
Make sure the dishes, utensils or other cooking materials in the kitchen are clean and available.
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