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Speak More, Earn More - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-28
Speak More, Earn More  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
It is said that fear of public speaking outweighs fear of death.
It seems that some would rather be the one in the box than the one who delivered the eulogy.
I happen to believe the exact opposite, and I hope you do the same, because public speaking is one of the most enjoyable and profitable ways for you to market your house --based business.
Everyone is an expert in a certain area.
What is your expertise?
If you have a home
I would then like you to be either an expert or an expert in your company, products and services, and opportunities.
Finding your expertise can help you fill in a dedicated field and greatly reduce competition.
The road to the profession is reputable.
Public speaking is a good way to build credibility.
In the worst case, you don't have to spend anything.
You can provide some nice pocket lining at most for your speech.
A well-crafted and well-expressed solid speech will do wonders.
A poorly crafted and/or delivered speech won't win the respect you seek.
How to create a great speech? Easy!
Start with your conclusion.
It should be powerful, concise, and correct.
It should make your audience think "-ha!
And have the motivation to take action.
Next, which three points best support the conclusions you want, and in what order should you present them?
Finally, your introduction is the hook that draws attention and makes them sit up and pay attention. Speaking novice?
It is entirely OK to use notes.
Many speakers at all levels use notes to keep them working properly.
Don't know what your hands should do or how to work on stage?
A podium or podium is requested.
Do you find yourself using "and", "well", "so" or other words as padding when you search for words?
Here's a quick tip: pause for a few seconds when you feel your words are out of your mind, then proceed.
When you gather your thoughts, this pause helps your last bit to dive into the audience.
It also prevents you from inserting extra words that make you an amateur.
Remember, your goal is to build relationships by giving value rather than money.
Your speech is about your audience, not you.
For example, I am rarely the primary focus of my article or speech, unless I describe certain personal experiences or opinions related to the topic at hand.
Where is your speech?
This list is almost endless.
Here are some ideas tailored for newbies: Chamber of Commerce, Elks, Lions, rotary, Kiwanis, your business, professional organization, charity events, church events, schools, community center meeting rooms.
Public Area/Center
TV, local radio, outdoor Mike's night-
This list is almost endless.
Which audience are the most receptive to your presentation and where are they gathered?
Nanobroadcasting (as opposed to Broadcasting) is very effective here to prevent you from wasting your time on viewers who are not interested in your particular topic.
OK, I gave you some very simple advice.
You want to go, but your fear is holding you back.
What can you do? Whatever works.
I believe that my level of tension is proportional to how much I value my words.
Tension is suppressed.
You can direct energy anywhere, such as making a strong, heartfelt speech.
I have done my part and I am nervous every time.
Practice, practice, practice.
When you develop your unique personal style, find a test audience and continue to process your information.
Better yet, find a test audience whose only goal is to help you become a great speaker by nurturing and nurturing the skills you already have deep inside.
Where can you find such an organization?
You can find it in your hometown.
I can't highly recommend a lecture.
It's like riding a bike, you can fall down while riding a bike, just like riding a bike, and you can master the art almost without scratching your knees. Go to www. toastmasters.
Organize, find a club in your area and stop to visit.
You will meet some great people, hear some great speeches and have the opportunity to add your voice to the human choir.
Overcome Your Fear of public speaking, and even if you have never delivered a speech in the traditional sense, it will completely change your marketing and opportunity presentation.
I noticed my dayto-
The daytime conversation has improved a lot since joining the Toastmasters, and I'm sure you will.
Why is this a good idea for your family? based business?
Confident Speakers send out positive energy that boosts everyone around them.
You will find it more effective to interact with customers, participants, online, offline and others.
You will connect with many people, some of whom will do business with you and will even register in your home --
Based on business opportunities.
You will give a strong speech and let the audience rush to pay for it.
In short, being a competent speaker will increase your profit, dear old bottom line.
What is the whole content of the marketing game!
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