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Spanish Saffron - most expensive dishes restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
Spanish Saffron  -  most expensive dishes restaurant
The Spanish saffron is considered the queen of spices. Why?
Well, all you need to do is read the article.
Continue and increase your knowledge!
Several fine lines of this spice can turn a bowl of pure white rice into a pile of orange!
It can attract your taste buds with bittersweet taste and hypnotize you with its sexy fragrance.
No wonder it was awarded the hat of the "Spice queen.
I'm sure you guessed what I was talking about now.
Yes, it's the Spanish saffron.
Read ahead and learn more about this wonderful spice.
There is a lot of debate about the etymology of the name "saffron.
English "saffron "--
English "saffron "--
English "saffron "-
The origin of the Spanish saffron cultivation dates back to more than 3000 years.
However, there has been a lot of documented evidence of saffron from early painting and medicine.
It was originally an Asian plant that was brought to Spain in the 8 th or 9 th centuries.
Since then, the Spanish saffron has been planted on a large scale in La Mancha in central Spain.
As mentioned earlier, the Spanish saffron is mainly planted in the La Mancha area of Spain.
In fact, Spain accounts for almost half of the world's total saffron production.
Saffron and saffron plants.
Each of these plants has three flower pillars.
We usually call it the spice saffron.
If you want to know why saffron is so expensive, the answer is here.
The plant blooms in October.
In this period, the flower only opened 2-3 days each. hand-plucked.
As a result, harvesters (usually men) work day and night, picking flowers carefully and passing them on to their female counterparts, who carefully extract 3 stains from each flower.
After that, dried bean flowers by heating.
Then pack for sale.
As you can see, the process of getting this saffron is a tedious one.
That's why it's the most expensive and rare spice on Earth.
In 2001, the name of origin was identified for the Spanish saffron.
It is a regulator organized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
It checks and regulates the quality of saffron produced by La Mancha.
This saffron is the best breed in the world because its imprint is longer and redder than others.
The authentic flavor of the Spanish saffron has not been scattered for a long time, and soon it has come out.
There are many uses for Spanish saffron.
The most common use of it has been mentioned below.
All kinds of food around the world use the Spanish saffron to enhance the taste, appearance or fragrance of the food.
It usually contains several strands of saffron to add to its flavor and royal look.
Almost all of the Spanish food has Saffron.
Candy can also be dotted with a few strands to add a touch of elegance to them.
The Spanish saffron also exudes exotic aromas, which is another reason why it is widely used for cooking.
In addition to food, the Spanish saffron has medicinal value dating back to Alexander the Great.
He apparently washed his war wounds with saffron mixed in the water.
It helps to digest the food easily.
It also helps to build the immune system, make the body strong and fight infectious diseases.
It also helps to relieve cough, remove obstacles in the liver, and relieve bowel or cholesterol problems.
Due to the rich and vibrant color of saffron, it is often used for dyeing fabrics.
Hindus and Jains (from India) color the water with a few strands of Spanish saffron and dip the clothes into the water.
This color is very rich, it will be absorbed by the fabric and kept in the fabric for quite a long time.
In addition to these uses, the Spanish saffron is also used for religious functions and is another use for babies when they have teething problems.
Due to its rarity and high value, it can also be given to someone as a gift.
The line to buy the Spanish saffron is always a better choice than the powder to buy it, because with the line, you can be sure that it is indeed a saffron.
Powder may sometimes contain red or ginger powder.
Although you can replace the color with any of the above saffron, the taste of authentic Spanish saffron is easy to distinguish and difficult to imitate.
So, next time you go to the supermarket, make sure you get the real Spanish saffron.
Although expensive, the price of a few grams can last for at least three years in the big picture.
If it's not a good deal, what is it?
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