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Southern Thanksgiving Menu - most popular side dishes in restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
Southern Thanksgiving Menu  -  most popular side dishes in restaurants
Thanksgiving Day in the South is a big deal. family and friends get together to eat bread and enjoy a good meal.
Here we will discuss traditional Southern dishes, which are specially cooked for Thanksgiving.
The Southern Thanksgiving menu consists of delicious Southern foods.
Soup cooked slowly
In any southern style Thanksgiving menu, fried turkey, shredded gravy, honey yam and creamy mashed potatoes are all must-eat items.
The Southern chefs are very proud because their Thanksgiving food is not brought from the supermarket, everything from roast turkey to cranberry sauce is prepared at home.
No shortcuts are used to make dishes, and even desserts are cooked from scratch.
Southerners are good.
Known for their hospitality, hospitality and the delicious food they offer with so much love.
So why not try the Southern Thanksgiving food this Thanksgiving?
For traditional Southern Thanksgiving, you need a menu that represents Southern cooking.
Of course, the main course is Turkey, whether it's baked or deep. fried.
But for the Southern Style Thanksgiving menu that really reflects the area, you need to cook the food in their unique style and method.
Here. xa0Classic Southern Thanksgiving dinner menu. Deep-
This is another change to the traditional menu. Corn Bread-
All of this may look a lot and it seems impossible to cook.
But the trick here is to get ready in advance and cook cranberry sauce, pecans and pumpkin pie the day before.
Start unfreezing the turkey at least three days in advance so you can roast the turkey or bake it deep --fry it.
It is very important to unfreeze the turkey in advance, otherwise the turkey will become dry and tedious.
The roast turkey one day in advance will ensure the taste of the turkey is moist and the meat is juicy and juicy.
The whole roast turkey is the highlight on the table, so, from the taste and presentation point of view, it is very important to get a good golden color or even color on the bird.
To get a crispy, golden, soft and juicy roast turkey outside, it is important to soak the turkey with cider or rub with dry spices.
Adding a little brown or domilla sugar to the marinade will create gold on the Turkey.
If you are baking the entire Turkey, wrap the breast with aluminum foil to prevent over-cooking and drying.
Make your own sand SAC gravy with sand SAC and liver.
Use quality white wine or red wine while degassing the pan to make gravy.
Prepare bread and sausage stuffing, toast two days in advance and store it in the refrigerator.
Mashed potatoes should be made from baked potatoes or Russian potatoes containing a considerable amount of starch.
This will ensure the delicate taste and smooth taste of potatoes.
Having a potato mill to make mashed potatoes will save you a lot of energy and time and you can make other preparations in advance.
Slow-boiled casseroles and soups can also be made one day in advance so you can save a lot of time and trouble on Thanksgiving Day.
The side dishes should be prepared during Thanksgiving so as to keep the taste and color.
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