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Smart Tricks Restaurants Use to Make You Spend More - the dishes restaurant galway

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
Smart Tricks Restaurants Use to Make You Spend More  -  the dishes restaurant galway
The clever tricks that restaurants use to make you spend more money without making you realize can easily fool all your attempts to expand your salary, rather than giving up your cash.
This article reveals some trading tips to you.
I can't believe I paid 90 pounds.
I'm still hungry for six dollars. -
The word "separation" evokes a sense of sadness in us, but when it breaks up with US hard --
Making money, the same words can cause depression.
In today's recession, with inflation (neither of which is in favor of ordinary people), it becomes very difficult to "earn money and save money.
Still, you put all the effort into meeting your needs and managed to save some money so that your wishes are met.
Go to a nearby restaurant for a weekend and you will soon be deprived of extra money!
More than you actually pay. Why 3 times?
Because usually in all the fees you pay, one-
The third is the manual fee (chef, waiter)
The third is indirect expenses (rent, water, electricity) and
Third, profit.
There are some more surprises waiting for you, which will open your eyes.
They will help you overcome the psychological skills used in most restaurants.
Let's take a look at some clever (very smart) tips that restaurants use to make you spend more money.
Imagine that you are entering a restaurant and we will see how they are going from the beginning to the end and they are looking around to grab money from your side. Over-
OK, you have entered the restaurant and are frantically looking for a seat.
A server will come to you and politely guide you to a table next to the window.
You will appreciate this gesture and be very happy.
The idea that he deliberately sat you next to the window won't even get your attention. Yes!
He did it on purpose so that when people look at the restaurant from the outside, they will find that the place is always busy and crowded.
The server will pop up this issue while putting the menu card on your desk.
If you go to a restaurant with your family or friends, you will be embarrassed to order tap water.
You can order soda and boom!
It says on the bill.
In some restaurants, the waiter may not even ask for water, and they will ask you directly if you want to order an aperitif to stimulate your appetite.
If you do, you will not only get dry champagne, but you will also get salted peanuts and chips to increase your thirst.
After you have had an aperitif, you are now moving towards the daunting task of ordering wine.
The sommelier gave you leather.
The trick is to bind the book!
Recruitment 1: Brand X, Brand Y, or brand Z?
The server will ask this question and wait for your answer.
Ideally, you won't remember the first two and the third (and you won't dare to ask that again ).
The third brand is usually the most expensive brand. Bang on!
So you will choose the cheapest second one on the menu and think it is the best deal.
But the second one is the one with the highest price.
More than buying a bottle.
Usually, the highest charge is imposed on the first glass (they try to recover the price of the bottle with the first glass), because after looking at the price, the possibility of pouring the second Cup is still very small.
: While ordering liquor, do not hesitate to tell the server the price range you like and then place the order.
Restaurants always buy the cheapest wine and raise the price as much as possible.
Now is the main reason. Food! The Bible look-alike hard-
Their main selling point is to bind into a book.
Nowadays, menu cards are not only simple to print, but also beautifully designed!
The person who designed them is the "menu engineer ".
"In order to make you earn more money, there are many tricks hidden inside.
Tip 1: upper right corner-
: This is the place to always put the most expensive items and exotic dishes on the menu card.
The reason for doing this is because they understand that it is human tendency to first look at the right side of the single card.
Why are only the most expensive dishes?
Because when the person looks at the other items in the list outside the box, they look relatively less expensive.
: Large-there is not much difference between the partial size pointsand medium-
But $30 Chinese food compared to $50
Suddenly it looks like a deal!
It's actually a medium.
Meals are usually marked high in size.
: This is one of the biggest tricks used by restaurants.
They will not put the currency symbol before the price of the dishes listed.
This is a psychological trick to make the customer forget that he is paying for the order.
The price is written in a way that does not highlight it.
: This is another trick they use to shift the customer's attention to the most profitable dishes in the restaurant.
: This usually lures the customer into thinking that he will eat an exotic dish with super special ingredients, which forces him to order this "expensive" dish. Be it a sit-
All of this uses the tips of setting down, a buffet system or a fast food restaurant to get you to spend more money.
Discount is agreed!
But these restaurants are no different either, making sure you eat less by using some cunning tricks.
Trick 1: they let you start with salad, soup and low soup.
All of these require cheaper ingredients, and the price is high.
By the time you get the meat, your plate is full of food.
Trick 2: Why does the plate overflow?
That's because they're shallow. you know why.
The end of the story.
It may stop sitting for a long time and leave your half stomach.
These types of restaurants use this method when offering packages.
You cannot compare the prices of individual items, which is why you are not aware of the prices you pay for each item.
According to the usual rules, you will eventually pay more. Up-
This is a skill that helps a lot in increasing the number of bills.
He will advise you to order the best quality beer.
You can even say yes without checking the price ".
In this way, you will feel that you have less food and may order more.
The obvious profit of the restaurant owner.
It is soft, soothing, classical and gives a feeling of abundance, which makes people linger and order more time than required.
No matter how many psychological gimmicks the restaurant uses, it depends on whether or not you will be prey to these tricks.
After reading this, next time you go to a restaurant, you will be more vigilant and don't fall in love with the tricks that restaurants use to make you spend more money.
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