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Smaller is better for River Mandarin - mandarin dish restaurant menu

by:Two Eight     2020-01-06
Smaller is better for River Mandarin  -  mandarin dish restaurant menu
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 5/1/09 (3799 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Hu Wang, the owner of the river Mandarin restaurant, has closed 200-
Seating restaurant on River Drive and plan to replace it in another location with a smaller exit.
The 66-year-old said his eyes were on a rental property on the retail avenue of Corydon Avenue.
He hopes to finish a deal next week and open a new 40-
Seating restaurant in March.
"So I won't disappear!
"Wang said he closed the Mandarin River last Wednesday because it was too big for him to deal with because his wife was an accomplished cook and had a stroke in 2000 and could no longer work
"I tried to keep it going. . .
But I'm not as good as her, "he said.
"I had a hard time at the time, so I was trying to scale it down.
"In 1976, Wang Jia opened their first Mandarin in the center of Portage Avenue.
By the beginning of 1990, they had run three of their own Mandarin restaurants.
On the river, on sakinte Avenue, on Rory Street.
It also runs the fourth branch.
Former Nanhai restaurant in Carlton Street-
On behalf of others.
But by the time they were in their 1990 s, they had shrunk to just the river Avenue restaurant, which had 40-seat lounge.
There will be no lounge in the new location, but take-out service will be provided, Wang saidout and dine-in services.
Wang said he recently persuaded Alan, his 36-year-old son, to start a business with him.
He hopes his son will eventually take over the company and "inherit the family legacy ".
Wang said he and his wife had many loyal customers in the 24 years of running the river Mandarin.
To thank them, he received a customer for free
More than 200 people attended the thank-you dinner on New Year's Eve.
He wants many of them to move to his new place with him as well. murray.
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