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slang for when a restaurant is out of a dish Tips for reducing the Hidden Sugar in your diet

by:Two Eight     2019-08-07
slang for when a restaurant is out of a dish Tips for reducing the Hidden Sugar in your diet
Sugar is well known for its "bad" and unfortunately for most of us its use in beverages and processed foods makes its impact on our health unknown.
However, with a little knowledge, we can protect ourselves, our health and our diet.
First, how sugar affects us.I'm ashamed to admit it, doctor.Adkins book provides the best and clearest explanation for us.In short, when you eat a food, sugar (in whatever form) is absorbed into the blood.If the body detects this, it will release insulin.This not only helps the body deal with sugar, but also triggers the production and storage of fat.
Did you see the problem?!
Now, in normal food, the release of sugar is controlled by fat and, more specifically, by fiber --Provides slow and stable release of sugar as blood sugar.
When we eat candy and so on., No fibers can "control" the release, so the sugar is basically "dumped" into the blood.
Your body is not trying to deal with this problem, so it will make excessive compensation with insulin.However, with too much insulin, you are now beginning to crave more sugar.So when you eat a snack in a candy bar or something like that, after the initial rush, you will be more hungry than before!
But more often, when we look at our health, we don't eat candy.Our problems are more hidden. drinks -Seriously, next time you eat Gatorade or something like that, look at the amount of sugar and carbs.You will be shocked.You can also drink sugar water, and in the process you get carbs!Change to water, or season yourself with water such as lemon.Save yourself hundreds of calories a day!Oh, don't forget, often on the label, you will read the number of "each", usually more than one bottle.
2.Granola bars -Eat this as a snack or a substitute?Look at the label.This "healthy food" contains a lot of sugar.
3.Salad dressingAcetic acid (like pickles) can make you feel full and reduce your desire for empty carbohydrates.Most salad sauces contain a lot of sugar to make it more popular and encourage you to use more.Change to a sauce and enjoy the benefits of low sugar and natural selection to help you feel more full.
4.Pasta and white breadThis is often mentioned everywhere, but it is worth repeating.White flour removes most of the natural fibers and therefore has the same effect on blood as pure sugar (in a broad sense ).Use whole-Give yourself a chance to fight!
5.French Fries -duh.It should be obvious, but why?It turns out that when you fry a starch product like a potato, it turns into sugar.Want to know why people are so eager for chips?Because it has the same effect on their body and eating pure sugar sticks!
6.Canned goods -We are all in a hurry to get canned vegetables.Check the label again and you will be shocked by most sugar contentAfter processing in the factory, they are packed and loaded with sugar to help them taste delicious food.Spend a few more minutes using fresh vegetables and you will eat in a natural way.
There is a little knowledge, and a self-Control, you can remove some of the sugar sources hidden in your diet and help your body maintain balance and peak fatburning mode!

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