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slang for when a restaurant is out of a dish How To Cut Your Wedding Catering Bill Cost

by:Two Eight     2019-08-08
slang for when a restaurant is out of a dish How To Cut Your Wedding Catering Bill Cost
Maybe you 've figured out the details of the wedding, but what about the reception?One of the main expenses of the wedding reception must be food, so you want to make sure everyone has enough food without spending too much money.Here are some of the best ways to cut food and beverage bills to make sure your guests enjoy your reception and save money.
Don't order more than you need.
Most couples would like to order an extra tray or two in case extra guests show up.It's good (usually a smart idea), but you should still make sure that you order no more appetizers than you actually need;Use your judgment based on the guest list.For example, if you know that some of your guests are vegan, you may not need to order as many meat appetizers as you can.In addition, ordering two or three different meals will help reduce the cost of catering.If you buy more of the same dishes, you can usually save money with most catering companies. Different kinds of food add to the bill, so it's important to stay elegant but simple at the wedding, even in terms of food.
Catering vendors will also encourage you to spend more money on actual meals than you might need.If you have already purchased three Appetizers and salads, you may not need five dishes, and you may not need extra desserts if you already have a fairly large wedding cake.The timing of your wedding will give you a good indication of how much food you are going to provide;If you have a ceremony in the afternoon or evening, you may want to provide more food.
Pay attention to the kind of food you order.
Even if you order only a small amount of food, it will always be expensive to have some.So now that you have to order quite a bit of food, ordering dishes that are not expensive will help you to keep your dining bill reasonable.Seafood such as shrimp, lobster and salmon will definitely make your dining bill higher, so if you have to eat, try making them the only option for dinner, or buy them as appetizers, to save costs.
Food Station
The food station is a unique way to offer a variety of food at your wedding reception, and you can be sure that everyone will find what they like to eat.This way, once people arrive at reception, you don't have to worry that they will change their mind about food choices.Food stations with different types of pasta are usually welcomed by most guests and are very economical.You can also include food stations with other types of ethnic food, such as Mexican or Indian food, to celebrate the culture of the people who will attend your wedding or to acknowledge your background
You can also cut the cost of dining by not asking for elaborate setup for your food station and table.Using a color on the tablecloth, usually white, can reduce labor costs.In order to add more color to your reception decorations, you may want to add elaborate centers so that you can spend as much money as you can on the reception meals.For menu ideas and more pricing information, please log in to websites such as and.
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