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signature dish restaurant 41 Big Macs reward for outback sign's recovery

by:Two Eight     2019-08-14
signature dish restaurant 41 Big Macs reward for outback sign\'s recovery

Forty-Near Catherine in the northern region, a huge McDonald's highway sign was stolen and a Big Mac was rewarded.Magnificent Fourmetre by four-On September, on the famous Stuart Highway 41 km kilometers north of the NT inland town, the rice sign was missing."xa0To Hamburglar's surprise, this is not the cause of the crime, "the shop was offered by Vicki Lettice and manager Lorraine Wyli drolly, the licensed party.When they call the sign "a Anxiouslyxa0For those traveling from Darwin to Catherine, the Hope Lighthouse has disappeared."Despite the involvement of the Ministry of Infrastructure and construction and the local police Catherine committee, no one seems to know how, where,xa0Or the motive behind it.xa0Missingxa0Ofxa0The two said, "a huge sign.Honor of restaurantxa041 km Tourxa0Between the intended location of the logo and the store, throughxa0Provide 41 Big Mac as a reward for the information on the whereabouts of the logo.To be rewarded, follow these signs.
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