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side pasta dish restaurant what side dishes go with chicken parmesan? | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
Bread and fried chicken covered with tomato sauce and sparkling mozzarella cheese may be delicious enough to be your whole meal, but this is not the most nutritious food.Depending on your appetite, you can offer a variety of side dishes with chicken parmesan cheese or just choose one delicious side dish.
The chicken nuggets are heavy, so the salad is an obvious choice as a supplement.Basic green salad with Italian dressing is a nice and popular side of the dish, but you can be more creative than that.
Echo the taste of basil with diluted tomato sauce

Season with balsamic vinegar.Make homemade Parmesan bread with hard crust bread.Another option is to remove light and acid--


Contrast with the main course.For Parma chicken, you can choose a side dish that tastes like tomatoes, basil and Parmesan cheese, or just a light and acidic side dish ---Or choose a mix of the two.
Parma chicken is a classic Italian dish, so it is only suitable for matching pasta.

For the main course.
One side will have the same creamy, rich texture as the chicken (although this is not a pair for those who focus on calories ).

There are chopped peppers, steamed asparagus, cucumbers and other fresh vegetables.Season the salad with chopped parsley, salt, pepper and a little olive oil.
An oven-The side of the grill complements the warmth of the Parma chicken.

Served with shaved Parmesan cheese
Works well with garlic and basil;Stir-fry this vegetable with the former and sprinkle it on the finished product with chopped basil.

Add vinegar and cool beans.
If you just want to prepare a side dish, make it into soup.
A classic Italian soup that combines pasta with beans and vegetables-Serve this with chicken and you can finish your meal.

.On this bowl of frozen tomatoesThe basil-based soup will echo the taste of your main course, while the cold temperature will contrast to the chicken.
No drinks, no feast is incomplete.
It would be better to have a bubble like rambrusco.
Grape juice, citrus, soda or seltzer.Sour and air bubbles enrich the salty taste of chicken.
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