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Side dish: Mexican restaurants - mexican restaurant refried beans side dish

by:Two Eight     2019-10-28
Side dish: Mexican restaurants  -  mexican restaurant refried beans side dish
The city is surrounded by delicious Mexican food.
Here is a selection of some critics.
8142 Broadway, 210-Comida Latina in Beto930-9393, .
Lunch/dinner: Monday. -Sat. $-
It attracts more than just a reasonable price.
Fish tacos, queso and handmade empanadas keep customers coming back. Cha-
5616 Bandra Road, Cha's 210-681-2066, .
Lunch/dinner every day. $-
The service in this old shop is still very good.
Enjoy shrimp tacos and crispy beef tacos.
2427 Vance Jackson Road, La Fogata 210-340-1337, .
Lunch/dinner every day. $-
Grilled tomato salsa, green peppers, beans and guava burrito are worth a visit.
Lisa's Mexican restaurant, 815 Bandra Road, 210-433-2531, . Breakfast: Sat. -Sun. ;
Lunch/dinner every day.
The kitchen offers unforgettable dishes, including tortillas, delicious tortillas, and a fridge to watch out.
Pancito Hotel is located at 4107 McCullough Avenue. , 210-821-5338, .
Breakfast/lunch is served daily; dinner: Tue. -Sat.
$ Addictive soft chicken tacos, burritos, fajitas and more to attract a lot of people to admire.
Mexican cafe y Cantina in Rosario 910Alamo St. , 210-223-1806, .
Lunch/dinner every day. $-$$.
Locals and tourists like this place best because of its vibrant atmosphere, consistently very good dishes and the best margar Tower wine around. Great people-watching, too.
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