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should gloves be worn when washing dishes at a restaurant how to disinfect against roundworm | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
There are many kinds of Round worms, but they all have one thing in common.Once they enter the digestive tract of an animal or human host, these worms attach to the walls of the gut and begin to absorb nutrients.By primary contact with feces or contaminated soil, worms can be prevented by proper sanitation and disinfection of bins, feeding areas and other areas where infected animals gather.
Wash and disinfect the bin and spoon once a week with hot soapy water.Wear a pair of disposable latex gloves before handling or shoveling the feces of a cat or dog.
Feed your pet with glass plates.Plastic is porous and can hold worm eggs, while glass is non-porous and can withstand sterilization heat.Keep pet dishes clean, but wash them separately from the dishes you use with hot water and detergent.
Clean and disinfect indoor areas where pets like to sit, sleep, eat or play.Tile and wood floors, carpet, windowsill, chair and sofa are included.Anything that can stand steam cleaning should be treated like this.Read the label first and test the small area.Wash hand towels and bedding with hot water and detergent and dry at high temperatures.Throw away pet bedding and change it
Avoid exposure to wildlife, especially racoons, chipmunks and squirrels.These animals are the carrier of the round worm, which distributes eggs in feces.Place all pet food indoors and cover the garbage safely to prevent raccoon and rodents from entering your room.
If you do find a raccoon "toilet" on your property, shoveling piles of feces into a sealed plastic bag and pressure cleaning the area with hot water.
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