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Serving kampung delights to a tee - most popular mexican restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-18
Serving kampung delights to a tee  -  most popular mexican restaurant dishes
Palong Terrace of mine Resort and Golf Club welcomed diners again after opening the Ramadan buffet to the public for the first time in 2017.
What used to be specially prepared for club members is now on foot.
Guests can enjoy the best dishes prepared by the restaurant for buka puasa.
During the month of Ramadan, the head chef of the mine Resort and Golf Club, Abdul Jalil rahmatt, will feature the theme "selila Kampon.
Jalil, who has 31 years of cooking experience, said there will be some of the most popular dishes in his hometown of Johor.
A member of the crowd
Ayam Masak Lengkuas is a traditional dish that is very popular in Pontian.
This dish is very good with Naxi Kunning.
"To enhance the fragrance, our version of nasi Kunning is cooked with ginger huanggen, lemon grass, Indonesian bay leaves, scallions and garlic," he said . ".
As a Johor, the Ramadan buffet reminds me of the open air venues my Malay neighbors used to host.
My favorite dish on the menu is lamb Rendang, which slowly stews flawlessly while wrapping up delicious drinks due to the use of various spices.
It was so delicious. I couldn't help it the second time I helped. The other must-
The dishes on the menu are delicious maschili Hijau and Ikan Masak Asam Ketumbar.
Guests are welcome to enjoy a variety of appetizers such as kerabu, ulam, gado-gado (
Indonesian salad)
And more.
During the entire buffet promotion, there will be four on-site event booths outside the restaurant.
The live noodle stand serves char kuey teow, mee goreng, mee kari and mee soto, and diners can choose from satay, lamb leg and waffle stand.
There are as many as 15 types of traditional Kush, a variety of puddings and French pastries for diners.
There are four types of kurma for guests to try-Tunisia, Medjool, Rotab and China.
Not to be missed is the local popular street dessert ais kacang, ending your dining experience with sweet notes.
"Selera Kampung" Ramadan buffet restaurant is available until June 2.
The price of the buffet is 78 yuan per person, from seven o'clock P. M. to ten o'clock P. M.
In addition to the buffet, the resort offers a special Ramadan golf promotion until June 9.
Guests accompanied by members can enjoy the "mine golf experience 18 holes golf" package of RM899 nett per shift on weekdays or RM1 per shift on weekends and 060 nett.
Seri Kembangan, Jalan Kelikir, mining Resort and Golf Club. (
Tel: 03 8943 2288 ext 137).
Business hours: seven o'clock A. M. to nine o'clock P. M. every day.
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