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service apartments in delhi - palm greens by palm greens - restaurant cutlery and crockery list

by:Two Eight     2019-09-20
service apartments in delhi - palm greens by palm greens  -  restaurant cutlery and crockery list
Are you on a short trip to Delhi or a long stay looking for a comfortable holiday?
Then at the serviced apartment you will have a living room for relaxation or entertainment, space for work, and you can prepare a meal if your mood takes you there.
The hotel is great but with so much extra space, the aserviced apartment is much better.
During your stay in the palm green furniture service apartment, you will find the warm atmosphere in the hotel and the space to relax.
Use serviced apartments for business trips, relocation or family holidays. -
Fully equipped with plenty of air
Furnished apartments-
Telephone, Internet broadband connection. -Colored T. V. with 24 hrs.
Cable connection.
The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, a gas stove, a toaster, a water filter, a microwave and an electric kettle.
All crockery, cutlery and glassware.
Palm green serviced apartments are well designed and furnished.
It is located in the heart of south Delhi, adjacent to the important business center I. e.
Nehru square, hospital, Lotus Temple, etc.
This is 20 beautifully designed two-bedroom one-bedroom apartment with all the ideal and necessary facilities.
Perfect for transit visitors to Delhi.
A 24-hour backup generator, car rental, laundry service, and executive club facilities are available at the apartment.
Room service is our own responsibility & We even offer help with dishes on a regular basis.
The rooms have the following additional features, such as the suppressed House, facing the park, Facingservice lane, Maharaja style room. Each air-
The air-conditioned spacious one-bedroom apartment can accommodate individuals and families.
We offer a bedroom with an attached bathroom, a living room and a fully functional kitchen.
Guest rooms: there are 2 guest rooms with all the ideal facilities; you are sure to find the comfort of home in luxury.
Our apartment has rent per week/month.
Palm Green Hotel is located in a luxury area in southern Delhi-Saket.
Close to Indira Gandhi International Airport, Qutab Minar undoubtedly gives the Palm Hotel a location advantage.
Close to PVR Multiplex, Saket commercial complex, Marriott Hotel, Modi Hospital, Batra hospital, friendly school.
Palm Green Hotel is located opposite the main market of Saket j block and is very popular in the daily life of local people. -----
There are 20 palm green hotels
The comfortable environment and high standard of the conditioned rooms are undoubtedly a challenge for other paid hotels.
All rooms have spacious bathrooms with hot and cold water.
Guest rooms are also equipped with color TV, refrigerator, walkie-talkie and never tired smart service. smile is another feature of the hotel.
These are ideal for your short stay.
The Pal company group is composed of specialized teams and is chaired by Sri d s Pal.
With our 40 years of experience in architectural design and real estate development, we have created a niche for ourselves in the construction of residential quarters, many
Apartments, collective housing programs, educational institutions, religious buildings, hotels, hospitals and serviced apartments.
Our entry into the hotel industry is an extension of our continuous efforts to bring you comfortable and luxurious accommodation at a moderate price.
Our hotel in Saket (New Delhi) and serviced apartments in kalkaji Extension (New Delhi) are the accommodation for many happy guests.
Thank you for your trust and confidence in us. -
A fully equipped one bedroom with a toilet and a drawing/dining area. -
The guest rooms are equipped with various facilities, such as heating, telephone and TV. -
All facilities are available for all residents. --
Utilities help charge for chef/servant. -
Hot/cold water 24 hours in bathroom. -Lift facility. -
Common small open garden. -
The terrace garden with elevator is available for parties and small parties. -
Facilities such as EPABX and internet are available at the front desk for guests. -Power Backup. -Valet Service. -Cooks. -
The driver drives the car. -
Car rental services. -
Laundry Service.
More detailed email protection in [email] or visit US http://www . palgroups.
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