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Scorpionfish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Scorpionfish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The Scorpi fish, with its lethal thorns and amazing ability to integrate into the natural environment, is undoubtedly the object of our human fascination.
There are uncertain forms of life in the marine environment, some of which need to be discovered.
Among them, fish are probably the most common, with more than 28,000 species in the world.
Some of them are special;
For example, what kind of coupons are there.
The term "Scorpi fish" is used for species belonging to the scor fish family.
They are highly toxic in nature, and this is probably the most fascinating thing for this family member.
They are similar to scorpions.
There are about 380 species distributed in the 48 genus we know.
Although most of them belong to marine habitats, there are also a few living in freshwater habitats.
Among the most prominent members of the family are Stone Fish, lion fish, dragon fish, fire fish, turkey fish and bayfish.
As for the features of the family, they include a highly compressed body, a large mouth, a thorn in the head, a camp, a front camp, and a dorsal and thoracic fin.
The most unique feature of the Scorpi fish is that it is "tingling" with the help of sharp thorns ".
Thorns are toxic because they are covered with toxic mucus.
The fish are not violent, but gentle.
If they are threatened, however, they will stand out for their backs in order to protect themselves.
Since the lifestyle of scorpi fish is sedentary, Blue bacteria, algae and other parasites are often seen on scorpi fish.
In this case, the ability to peel off the outer layer of the skin helps them remove attached organisms.
They have a large and heavy Ridge head covered by a thorn and a compressed body.
The color of Scorpi fish is charming (brown or red-
Brown), and the ability to disguise yourself by changing the color to match the surroundings.
Sometimes they look like pieces of coral or rock and, as a result, are often incorrectly identified.
The phenomenon of color change helps them attack prey and protect themselves.
Scorpi fish usually live in shallow waters, but it is known that there are even a small number of species in waters 7200 deep.
They are lonely in nature and live in caves, cracks and coral reefs.
Scorpi fish is a typical way of feeding.
Usually, they wait for prey to hit them.
Once the prey passes, they create a vacuum with their mouths and suck the prey in.
This happens in a second and the prey has no time to react.
They have jaw teeth, and they are served with shellfish, small fish, and head and foot.
Like many other fish, the scorpi fish is egg-born. e. They lay eggs.
In the process, they produce a gel-like floating substance that embeds eggs in it.
They usually breed in late spring or early summer.
They are widely distributed in tropical and temperate waters and are found in the Red Sea, the Caribbean Sea and Indian waters.
And the Pacific Ocean.
Due to its attractive color, scorpi fish has always been a topic of interest to enthusiasts, and although scorpi fish are toxic, they are kept as aquarium fish.
It is very easy to take care of them as long as you meet the basic requirements.
The most important thing is feeding.
You can feed some specific food to your pet scorpi fish.
You can feed them live food, which can be freshwater fish or sea fish.
However, care should be taken when choosing food for them.
For example, feeding them continuously to goldfish can lead to thiamine deficiency, which may result in death due to the loss of the ability of the nervous system to coordinate.
To prevent this, one can supplement it with prepared food.
When they are paired with other fish in the aquarium, be careful.
The stone head fish will eat the toad fish and vice versa;
So you should avoid putting them in the same aquarium.
Another thing to keep in mind when making an aquarium is to maintain the natural environment according to the requirements of a particular species.
People who swim in shallow water may come into contact with the fish and accidentally step on it.
In a second, the scorpi fish highlights its thorns and thorns.
The effect of tingling is very dangerous.
The first and most important thing is to wash the area with warm water.
Immediate medical treatment is always recommended.
The effects of the sting of the Scorpi fish include pain, swelling, diarrhea, fainting, vomiting, paralysis, coma and nausea.
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