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Savour tastes of tradition at Dynasty Chinese - top restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
Savour tastes of tradition at Dynasty Chinese  -  top restaurant dishes
Do you know that there is an ancient China in modern Launceston?
The dynasty Chinese, located next to Brickfield Park, Cunningham Street, offers a Chinese dining experience in a traditional imperial setting.
When you enter the Chinese dynasty, you will be attracted by the traditional Chinese decoration.
"Our restaurant is the only one," said Rennie Wong, owner of Dynasty . ".
"We have a lot of customers from China who are in awe of our interior design because they don't even see such traditional features in China.
Rennie described himself as a proud "Laundromat" who participated in the operation of the local Chinese church and fulfilled his dream of running a Chinese restaurant in Launceston.
The Dynasty celebrated 18 years of business in Launceston this year, and Rennie attributed the success of the business to his staff and, above all, the chef.
"What makes the restaurant great is the chef, there is no top restaurant without the top chef, our best Chinese chef is Launceston, probably the best in tazhou, he said.
Chef Li Yongbing, or "li" for short, has more than 30 years of experience and has some exclusive five in China. star hotels.
As an excellent chef and pastry chef, Li has made a variety of dumplings and snacks by hand.
The dynasty provides two traditional dishes such as cooked pork, Beijing roast duck and seafood, as well as local delicacies such as honey chicken and sweet and sour pork.
"Master Li only uses healthy oil. we don't use MSG. xa0We were so lucky to have him in our dishes . "
"Li uses modern, healthy ingredients purchased locally to bring traditional flavors.
"I don't know where we will be without our super chef.
"He will make pastries and train our staff.
For a truly enjoyable and authentic dining experience in downtown Launceston, it's time to discover the Chinese dynasty.
Dynasty can meet any bookings from romantic dining tables to two large groups, private booking features and weddings.
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