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sample dishes restaurants near me how to host a baby shower at a restaurant | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
It's time to buy boots and soft blankets.When your home is not the best place for a party, holding a baby shower in a restaurant is an unconventional but practical solution.If the shower will be attended by everyone from aunts, uncles and cousins, university partners and first year teachers, then you may appreciate the help in food and service.Many restaurants offer a place for parties.Let the restaurant staff cook, serve and clean, let you focus on socializing, lead the game, and quarrel and aahing with others on the issue of yellow ducks.
Choose a restaurant and narrow down the name of the place where there is food that is attractive to guests and can accommodate baby showers.Ensure that the restaurant provides accommodation for guests present.
Plan the guest list, including how many people will come to take a shower.Send out the invitation letter one month in advance.
Create a sample menu of food that will be available at the party.Tea sandwiches, soup and vegetable trays are a good choice.Drinks can include non-An alcoholic mimosa, soda, tea, coffee and Coke.Be sure to include these requirements when setting up a restaurant reservation, or the food that the restaurant specializes in.
Arrive at the restaurant one hour or more in advance.Lay the tablecloth on the table and set the party in the middle of each table.If location settings are not provided, make sure the location settings are set for each guest.
Prepare a table for cake, gift and mom's souvenirto-Such as an ultrasound photo or photo of her childhood.
As soon as guests arrive, it is recommended to order drinks and appetizers first.This will allow mixing and restructuring before the party starts.Guests can order at this time when drinks and appetizers arrive, or the staff can start preparing meals.
Encourage everyone to participate in games and activities such as "information in the bottle", in which everyone can write an inspiring word of wisdom or care for the new can be collected and then placed in a large baby bottle.A fun game is "guess GEB" where guests try to find out the names of different types of baby food to compete for the table prizes.
Waiting for the staff to start the motion to provide food and drinks to the guests.Cakes are served for dessert.
Give away the last offer of the party by drawing the names of guests who have not yet been helped.
Assist the mom-to-Be with her gift and help her load her vehicle.Collect what guests leave and leave a tip.
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