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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant fssai notifies the revision of standards for chocolates

by:Two Eight     2019-07-14
Everyone likes chocolate because it is one of the most popular foods in the country.There are a wide variety of chocolates and other related products all over the world, including chocolate.Chocolate powder is also used in hot and cold drinks.
Among the sweet products, chocolate gets its favorite products because of its unique taste.There are many uses for gift giving.Chocolate and its products are made of cocoa and other cocoa-related materials.It can be in the form of liquid or in the form of a block.
Due to the increase in demand, the quality of the product is likely to be compromised.Chocolate is a food product, so safety measures are mandatory.Before cleaning chocolate in the market, it is necessary to check the nutrients, because children usually eat chocolate.
Products must be tested and inspected in accordance with food safety and standards.In India, FSSAI is the highest authority to regulate the Indian food industry.It is an authorized body managed by the Indian government.
FSSAI represents food safety, standards and authority in India to protect the quality of food eaten by humans.FSSAI is managed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and ensures that high-quality food is provided for consumption according to standards.According to the notice of May 15, 2017.The chocolate standard of FSSAI was included and revised.
This amendment will refer to Regulation 2017 of the Fourth Amendment to food safety and standards (food standards and food additives.Therefore, both food operators (FBOs) must comply with these amendments on January 2018, 1st.: This chocolate is for a bite-sized chocolate, which contains chocolate but is less than 25% of the total weight of the product.
It can be a single/combined chocolate or filled chocolate specified in the standard.: This is a very high quality chocolate with more cocoa butter than other chocolate.Chocolate should contain no less than 35% of cocoa solids on the basis of dry substances, of which no less than 31% of cocoa solids should be cocoa butter, not less than 2.
5 percent fat-Cocoa-free solids.
It may also contain artificial sweeteners as specified in Appendix A of the regulations.The use of plant fat in chocolate is not allowed until new standards are released, with only one exceptione."Cocoa Butter ".Now FSSAI has revised the standards for the use of vegetable fats in chocolate in accordance with international practices and codes.
Plant fat can be used by FBOs, but not more than 5%, which must be specified in the chocolate packaging.The guidelines issued by FSSAI relate to labels, and if plant fat is used in chocolate, it must be specified on the food package.Vegetable fat must be rightLauric vegetable fat, monounsaturated fatty acids (soft fatty acid-oleic acid-Soft fat acid), after (soft fat acid-Oleic Acid-1) and 1) (1-Oleic Acid-Stearic Acid);The fat of the vegetable must be compatible with the cocoa butter in any proportion, and the properties of the cocoa butter include the melting point and the melting speed, the crystal temperature required for the hardened phase.
The plant fats used must be obtained through a process of refining and/or grading, which excludes the enzyme modification of the structure of the three-acid ester of glycerin and meets the above criteria.Hemp oil (Bassia wide leaf or B
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