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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Why are Birds and Fish Dying

by:Two Eight     2019-08-21
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Why are Birds and Fish Dying
Mass death is usually caused by bad weather, spread of infectious diseases, poisoning and other reasons.
The birds did not fall from the sky, but died after landing.
This paves the way for this theory, which shows that birds are frightened by fireworks on New Year's Eve, rushing into the ground and being killed without realizing where they are going.
If you are also confused by the news of a large number of mysterious dead birds and fish around the world, here is an article to help you eliminate all doubts about these massive deaths.
The birds fell from the sky.
Dead fish washed ashore
Reports of numerous bird and fish deaths from around the world have fueled the theory of revelation.
On New Year's Eve, residents of Arkansas in the United States witnessed a strange phenomenon in which thousands of dead drum fish were washed ashore.
The next thing is even more confusing, because within a mile radius of Bibi, Arkansas, thousands of red-winged people fall from the sky to die, and there is no possible cause of death anywhere in the picture.
If the phenomenon of dead fish being rushed to the coast is strange, the death of the bird falling from the sky makes it more mysterious.
Soon the phenomenon went global, with similar reports from around the world, including Italy and Sweden. Here, jackdaws has encountered the same fate.
Similar incidents have occurred in other countries such as Brazil, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, all of which are far apart.
This strange phenomenon soon appeared.
Hungry news channel, each channel comes up with a theory to explain this phenomenon.
News of the mass death of various species comes as scientists from all over the world sit down and find out the root cause of their death.
Most sources, if not all, associate this strange phenomenon with the fact that we are heading towards the apocalypse;
This is very frustrating for skeptics who seem to be the least impressed.
Other possible theories include fire-fighting works, considering that the death occurred on New Year's Eve, as well as the secret arms tests carried out by governments in certain countries.
Quite a few theories also revolve around weather conditions, and extreme cold is considered to be one of the most prominent causes of death for fish and high fish
Salute the birds at high altitude.
Critical evaluation of these theories is not good for this mysterious phenomenon.
If fire works were the cause of this mass death, we would certainly witness it again and again, especially on New Year's Eve and July 4 each year.
Again, if lightning is the cause of these deaths, there will be at least evidence of burns on their bodies.
Birds that died within a mile radius of Arkansas were fairly evenly distributed, which ruled out the theory that the birds hit the plane.
There are also loopholes in other theories about the cause of their possible death, so it is clear that all of them are irrelevant.
Nevertheless, so far, there are some theories that cannot be completely ruled out.
Autopsy reports of dead Italian birds showed blue stains in their mouths, suggesting a suspected poisoning.
At the same time, scientists also believe that these blue stains may be signs of lack of oxygen. e.
Lack of oxygen.
Experts from the Swedish National Veterinary Institute noted that autopsy reports of birds showed internal bleeding without any signs of external damage.
Although Blunt trauma is one of the most likely answers, it has not been determined whether Blunt trauma was caused by a bird being hit on the ground or by other causes.
The only sign of hope throughout the case is that scientists claim that the deaths of birds and animals are not interrelated, but rather coincidental.
None of the theories put forward seem specific, so these deaths will continue to be a mystery for some time.
Some new theories will also surface over time.
Do you turn to critical thinking to find out if these theories are really grounded, or give in to the light faith and move on, and the responsibility is on you.
While many have linked recent bird falls from the sky and fish are washed ashore to the end of the world, wildlife experts are least interested in this connection.
In fact, some wildlife experts believe that it is not uncommon for animals to die in large numbers, especially in groups or migrating species.
They come up with a few examples of a large number of deaths of different kinds of animals at a specific time in the past year.
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