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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 The Role of Trees in Our Environment

by:Two Eight     2019-08-20
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 The Role of Trees in Our Environment
The Earth is being destroyed.
We humans are at fault.
Let's work together to save it.
Save it for ourselves and for future generations.
If we destroy the environment, we will not have society.
The Earth is a gift from God.
It has lasted millions of years of life, in any form.
The resources on which we live are very abundant.
But as humanity moves forward more and more, he has forgotten the importance of saving our planet so that the Earth's resources can last millions of years.
Urbanization, pollution and other related activities have led to environmental hazards, global warming and the depletion of Earth's resources.
Trees are the largest of all terrestrial plants and are an environmental "buff" for their dominant ecosystem ".
They help to improve extreme climates such as heat, cold, wind, and create environments around humans, mammals, insects, birds, etc.
Can live comfortably.
Trees are a complement to animals in a global environment.
Mammals/humans absorb oxygen from the air and call out carbon dioxide.
Plants use this carbon dioxide during growth, store the carbon in wooden tissues, and then return oxygen to the atmosphere as waste.
This process is called photosynthesis, which is very important for life.
The carbon captured by photosynthesis from the atmosphere is eventually recovered through the environment in a process known as the carbon cycle.
Trees play a particularly important role in the carbon cycle.
Leaves can also be used as filters to remove atmospheric contaminants from the air.
This effect is particularly beneficial in urban areas.
Today, many urban areas are under pressure from overpopulation, unplanned economic development, industrialisation and vehicle emissions.
This has led to a significant increase in urban pollution, affecting air, water and land.
Air pollution in many cities and large cities has increased rapidly, especially due to vehicle traffic and industrial emissions.
Secondly, urban areas are growing at an alarming rate, creating a seemingly impossible challenge for residents to build and maintain the cost of air quality, water and energy demand.
Cities need to incorporate ecological principles into better urban planning and development.
Trees are lungs, water filters and air conditioners in our city.
Cities need to be built according to the laws of nature, beyond the financial, ecological and social trends of urban development.
Today we can only see walls, buildings, cars, large signboards/billboards, asphalt roads, runways and concrete, not plants, gardens or trees.
Today, trees disappear from around us faster than we thought.
Their numbers have fallen sharply in urban areas.
Sometimes, even if alternatives are planted, they tend to be a variety of trees that don't get bigger.
These are not of any benefit to the ecosystem.
We are used to the clean look and the pure finish (house, car, etc ).
) And elegant lifestyle.
But we never care about nature.
We are the only reason for the natural imbalance.
According to a survey of a metropolis, due to the large number of concrete, the number of trees is small, and the rainfall is very small.
The end result is that, thanks to modernization, the speed of life and ignorance of nature, nature is almost disappearing today, thanks to this imbalance.
This is a major contribution to global warming.
It also caused other losses.
Disasters such as flash floods, heavy rains and droughts.
Risks to our health and well-being
The height of removing trees from them is much higher.
The benefits of urban trees have just been officially recognized.
We now know that they can reduce the temperature of the city by 4 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Fahrenheit );
As global warming causes temperatures to rise, more urban canopy coverage will be critical.
Urban trees also absorb pollution such as particulate matter, chemicals and noise;
But their ability to do so depends on their size.
It's time for us to act.
You, me, and all of us.
This is our planet.
Let's work together to save it and protect it the way generations should follow.
Protect trees, save them, and plant more.
This is the only way out.
The bottom line is that humans should never challenge nature.
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