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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Simple Ways to Save the Environment

by:Two Eight     2019-08-21
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Simple Ways to Save the Environment
How to save Mother Earth?
It's time, because the planet we live on is suffering.
We're taking everything it has.
Oil, ore, water, etc.
We are cutting down trees, we are killing animals, we are developing nature.
The Earth's resources are drying up, posing a threat to human survival on Earth.
What should we do to save the Earth.
Let's save the environment in a simple way. Here they are.
We talk about how important it is to protect our environment and to protect natural resources.
We read the importance of a healthy living environment.
Environmental education makes us realize the need to protect natural wealth.
But just knowing and talking is not helpful.
When was the last time you did something to protect the environment?
Forgot to do, when was the last time you wanted to do something to save nature?
We know the need to protect the environment. we often talk about it.
But most of us only talk.
Few of us have actually done something.
Let's make up our minds to save the environment-
Even a small step is important.
When we want to do something to save the environment, we think about the depletion of natural resources, the environmental pollution, the deforestation, we want to know how to contribute to saving nature.
We think these are very big problems, and we think that solving them is beyond our capacity. Big problems -yes, they are.
But we are wrong to think that it is impossible to solve these problems.
We hardly bother to do anything in this regard.
There are many simple ways to save the environment.
We just don't care about them.
We just don't think we can do anything we should.
It's easy, you know?
Choose the open space near the residence or workplace.
Keep growing trees unless there are any laws that restrict you from growing them in the area.
Plant a tree every month and encourage your friends and colleagues to join you.
Growing more and more trees, thanks to your efforts, you will have a green land one day.
It's not hard now, is it?
Choose a short walk instead of driving every time.
Go for a walk in the gym, go to work (if not far away), go for a walk and run errands.
Or by bike.
It is a good exercise to ride a bike and walk.
Every time you avoid using a car, you are contributing to reducing air pollution.
You are also saving fuel, money and exercise.
Now, is this not good for you and the environment?
Keep the vehicle in good condition.
It is impossible to go anywhere by bike or for a walk.
There is some distance and there is no other option other than your car.
But at least how about staying in good shape?
Give your car regular repair.
Clean the exhaust pipe.
Check the pollutants discharged.
Check if the air pressure in the tire is lower-
Inflated tires can increase fuel consumption.
Keep the air filter and fuel pump in good condition.
Check the oil level regularly.
Consider installing a catalytic converter in your car.
So you can control the air pollution. Choose eco-
Friendly transportation.
Don't drive at low speed.
This will consume more fuel.
Do not speed up and brake frequently.
This has drained more fuel.
Turn off the ignition when you stop at the signal.
Take the shortest route to the venue, which can save fuel and reduce air pollution.
Share a car as much as possible.
Four people go to the same place in four different cars at the same time.
No sense.
You can carpool as long as you can.
Don't honk when it's not necessary.
This will increase noise pollution.
Water is a very important natural resource.
It's us who waste and pollute it.
The easiest way to save water
Turn off the faucet after use.
The use of Flushing and showers can result in a waste of water.
Only use as much water as possible if necessary.
Do not dump garbage in the rain pipe.
When you go to the beach, don't spill food out, and don't dump rubbish around.
Do not dump garbage, sewage or other waste in the river to pollute the river.
This polluted the water body.
You are prohibited by law from doing so.
But it has to come from inside
Consciousness and awakening.
Water is so precious that we can't waste it or pollute it.
Fluorine-containing carbon was released by aerosol spray, air conditioning system and refrigerator.
Some cosmetics also contain carbon fluoride.
Some countries have banned the use of fluorine-containing carbon products.
Ozone consumption and greenhouse effect are caused by fluorine-chloride carbon. Using CFC-
Free products are the easiest way to prevent them from doing harm to the environment.
You have to use too many electronic devices every day.
More air conditioning, heaters, refrigerators and ovens.
Then the lights and fans.
Is the electrical appliance well maintained?
Will you check their power consumption?
Replace the air filter of the air conditioner unit once a month.
Turn off the air conditioner when not in use.
Refrigerators and water heaters consume a lot of electricity.
So use them strictly.
Before leaving the room, turn off the lights and fans in the room.
Make sure the appliance is not turned on when leaving the house (unless necessary ).
Be sure to turn off the TV or music system after use.
Don't keep them when no one uses them.
Your computer is one of the most commonly used gadgets in your home.
Don't keep it open when no one uses it.
Aren't these ways to save the environment simple?
Reduce, recycle and reuse.
Recycling and Reuse
Whenever you can.
This is the best way to save the environment.
An easy way to do this is to reduce the use of rubber and plastic.
Instead, paper bags and cardboard containers are used.
The practice of bulk purchase can help save a lot of packaging materials and help save the environment.
Buy products that can be reused.
You can reuse it every day.
Use items such as old wood, waste paper to make wood, paper products and old clothes (you can donate them to the poor or make other fabrics from them ).
Use alternative energy. Save power.
Use as much renewable energy as possible.
Use renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower.
Start with your own house.
Install solar panels and start using solar water heaters and room heaters.
Small wind turbines are available for home use.
Use them to generate electricity.
Geothermal and soil source heat pumps are also available for families.
Another benefit of using alternative energy is that the government provides you with incentives for this.
Some simple habits in the workplace can make you contribute to saving the environment.
In the office, print only when absolutely necessary.
Printing each soft copy will cause a lot of waste of paper.
Letters replace paper with e-mail.
When you leave for a day, remember to turn off your computer.
Don't turn on the computer monitor when you leave your desk.
Don't leave the lights on in your cabin/office when you are away.
Avoid excessive use of air conditioning.
Do not use disposable plastic cups and plates when you have the option to use ceramics.
"The continued presence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of human beings. \" -
Minimize the use of animal products.
Animal fur and ivory are over-used animal products.
Animals are poached for their skin.
They are used for scientific research.
Animals die in large numbers and face the threat of extinction.
Determined not to hunt animals.
Discourage those who do so for entertainment.
Stop poaching animals
Let yourself and the people around you realize the impact of animal extinction.
Do their part to save them. care of them.
Raise public awareness of environmental issues.
Activities like compost can be of great help in recycling waste into useful fertilizers.
Avoid excessive use of fertilizers and synthetic nutrients.
Natural fertilizer is a better choice for farms and gardens.
Compost with earthworms.
Make a good organic fertilizer to chop dung.
Instead of dumping rotten vegetables, leftover food, eggshells, tea bags, stems and peels in the trash can, use them to make organic fertilizer for your garden.
Replace the lawn with bushes and trees.
If you live in an area that is short of water, in a dry way --
Tolerant plants in the garden.
This will help you save water. Using non-
Native plants have destroyed the ecological balance.
Don't use them just because they are exotic.
Avoid using chemical pesticides on plants.
Instead, turn to home remedies or other environmental protection measures
Friendly way to maintain the garden.
If you live in an area with good rainfall, you can consider collecting rain water where you are.
This is a way that any of us can help save the environment.
Read and encourage people around you to read the importance of saving nature.
Post posters or banners near, at school, college, or workplace.
Organize a movement of environmental awareness. Get t-
A shirt or hat with an environmental slogan.
Let everyone in your area, class, school or workplace wear them and spread the word.
These things help make the public aware of how serious environmental problems are and what we can do to address them.
Organize small events such as planting trees, cleaning up local areas, visiting animal shelters or volunteering for organizations dedicated to raising environmental awareness.
Seek prior permission from the relevant authorities to do any of these things.
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