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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 How Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds?

by:Two Eight     2019-08-21
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 How Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds?
Wind turbines have been installed as alternative energy sources in almost all countries.
Although this source is very beneficial, the threat it poses to birds cannot be ignored.
According to the American Association for bird protection, 600,000 birds died in 2012 when they collided with wind turbines.
A 2000 ABC report recorded more than 550 yellow
Cuckoo has died in just 17 towers.
Wind energy is the cleanest form of energy, so you will find that large wind farms fill our other insufficient energy reserves.
The moving part of the turbine, I. e.
The leaves are a major threat to collide with birds and thus kill them.
At night, the blades are almost invisible, and if the birds happen to hit the blades, they will hurt the wings and die because of the high rotational speed of the blades.
While many tall buildings and towers can also cause their deaths, the fact that the blades are a moving part increases the likelihood of death.
Wind turbines can be divided into grids and tubes.
Grid structure similar to mobile tower.
Because of the open structure of birds, they are attracted and become prey to the leaves.
They nest on the railing of the tower.
When the wind turbine rotates at the maximum speed, it shakes itself, killing the eggs.
As a result, grid towers have been replaced by tubular towers in recent years.
As the name suggests, it's a pipe.
Like a structure without a pole.
Such a tower eliminates the risk of birds nesting on the tower.
In addition, the blades of the tubular tower are longer compared to the grid tower.
These blades rotate at a slightly lower speed, thus saving some birds.
Birds have a fixed path during migration.
Therefore, many birds can be saved if this road is spared.
For new wind farm locations, the area where the flyover is being migrated is not included.
This means that the number of birds killed will decrease.
In addition, areas with a high number of birds should not be selected as locations for installation of wind turbines.
Recently, many companies have chosen to use offshore turbines.
Due to offshore location, fewer birds died due to collisions.
The wind farm has a huge surface area with many turbines nearby.
So if a bird takes a risk in this area, it will definitely be hit by a turbine.
Therefore, turbines should not be built in areas around bird sanctuary or zoo.
If birds die due to collisions during the day, the situation at night may be worse.
In many areas, there are more bat deaths than any bird.
Bats go out at night and often collide with sword blades in the dark.
Many turbine manufacturers are looking into the matter and have made some changes to the turbine to make it a birdfriendly.
The air pressure effect refers to the sudden change of air pressure. The fast-swept vertical-
The rotor blades of the shaft generate vortex and turbulence, so the air pressure changes suddenly.
For bats, this rapid change in stress can cause tissue damage.
Another fatal injury that occurs on these birds is internal bleeding.
Bats have a highly sensitive respiratory anatomy than other birds.
Therefore, due to the difference in stress, the mortality rate of bats is the highest.
As wind turbines have killed many endangered birds, including golden eagles and White eagles, wind turbine manufacturing has taken some steps to avoid these deaths.
It is best to change to a tube tower and an electric field with sea wind power.
This can not only reduce bird mortality, but also help turbine manufacturers to increase their output grid values.
Reasonable site selection of wind farms is very necessary.
Select an area away from the bird migration path.
--xa0At the tip of the blade, RA stickers can be placed to highlight at night. Tree-
The bird perched, the mouse, the pine chicken, the sharp --
There are loose chicken, grass chicken, prairie chicken, bat, Songbird, Golden carving, etc.
The most vulnerable species.
Most hunting birds are attracted by the vegetation around the turbine.
By choosing the right area for the wind farm, mortality can be reduced to a large extent.
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