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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Global Environmental Issues

by:Two Eight     2019-08-20
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Global Environmental Issues
Compilation of some major environmental issues that directly threaten the future of the Earth and indirectly threaten our survival.
Global warming, nuclear waste, pollution, extinction. . .
The list of environmental issues that has been around for a long time continues to increase.
Most of us have been fully involved in our personal lives and, therefore, do not know these issues at all.
As for those who are aware of them, they prefer to continue their it-won\'t-affect-us attitude.
So when we don't have time to fix the problem, the list of problems is increasing.
In addition to global warming and the energy crisis, several other environmental issues of global concern are equally dangerous.
More importantly, all of these problems are interrelated, so it is difficult to solve them one by one.
Over the past decade, climate change has become more visible, with nine years of the decade making it the hottest year ever on Earth.
The rise in temperature also ensures that the equation on earth is tossed.
Some of the most obvious signs include abnormal weather, frequent storms, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, etc.
According to the current situation, it is not difficult to predict that the Earth will undergo severe climate change somewhere in the near future.
Species protection is basically to protect animals and plants to control the extinction of species.
The extinction of a single plant or animal species can lead to a serious imbalance in the ecosystem, as many other species that depend on it will also be affected directly or indirectly.
Over the past century or so, some plants and animals have become extinct, resulting in a significant loss of biodiversity on Earth.
The fact that we rely heavily on fossil fuels to meet our energy needs makes us very vulnerable to a serious energy crisis.
While a considerable amount of renewable energy has been identified, none has enough hope to replace fossil fuels as the main source of energy for humanity.
Scientists are trying to tap the full potential of these resources.
As fossil fuels are about to run out, our future depends largely on these attempts.
Our greed for more makes us empty.
In terms of natural resources around the world.
Some human activities, including mining, agriculture and fisheries, have led to a sharp degradation of our natural resources.
Although mining and agriculture have triggered a large scale
Large-scale deforestation and over-fishing have led to a decline in the number of marine species.
If this trend continues, we will inevitably drain the natural resources on which we depend, thus digging our own graves.
Land pollution caused by human activities and deserts caused by the loss of vegetation make the surface of the Earth unsuitable for human use.
Land degradation can be attributed to our laying.
When it comes to protecting nature, keep a backward attitude.
Inappropriate soil use, random waste disposal, large-
Large-scale deforestation and other similar human activities are increasing, which will inevitably have an impact on our natural environment.
Environmental issues related to land are not limited to arbitrary waste disposal or large scale-
Large-scale deforestation can also lead to improper use of land.
In order to make way for urban expansion, the natural environment is destroyed, which indirectly leads to habitat loss of several species.
Land breakage caused by construction is also a major factor in improper land use.
Together, all these factors lead to problems, including soil erosion, land degradation and deserts.
Nuclear power does have a lot of potential, but there are a lot of issues related to it.
Radioactive waste from nuclear power plants is one of the main problems we may face, especially if safety regulations are not properly complied.
The Chernobyl tragedy sets an example for how nuclear waste can lead to human disasters.
No one wants another Chernobyl accident.
It's not just over here, though.
The threat of some countries using their nuclear energy for the production of nuclear weapons is far from over.
Einstein did not need to imagine how much damage these nuclear weapons would do.
Another global problem is overpopulation.
As the world's population continues to grow at an alarming rate, the Earth's resources are under increasing pressure.
Issues related to this include food and water crises and the lack of space for natural burial.
Too much population can also cause other kinds of demographic harm.
The continued growth of the population will not only lead to the depletion of natural resources, but also bring greater pressure on the economy.
After all, in terms of finance, maintaining a large population requires a great effort from a country.
There are several other aspects of the term "pollution" itself, including air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.
Air pollution can be attributed to the large amount of carbon dioxide emitted by industry and vehicles into the atmosphere, water pollution and land pollution due to waste treatment in factories, oil and natural gas
Carrying ships, etc.
Basically, the problem is to blame on human beings, because our activities often hinder the environment at an alarming rate.
If this trend continues, we will soon lose fresh air and clean water.
As the population increases, human activity is also increasing, and the resulting waste is also increasing.
This waste includes not only hazardous gases released in the atmosphere or toxic waste released in water bodies, but also nuclear waste, electronic waste
Waste, medical waste, even the garbage in our house.
Due to the limited size of the Earth and the fact that most of it is inhabited by us, there is no room for us to deal with these wastes.
The rate at which such waste is produced is much faster than the rate at which such waste is disposed.
Therefore, waste is only piled up, which also pollutes the environment.
The environmental problems facing our planet today are not limited to the ones we mentioned above.
Including dam construction, genetic pollution, nano-toxicology and other issues.
, Comes up every other day, so the list gets longer over time.
If we do not start to act on these issues one by one, we will have no choice but to surrender to them.
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