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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Environmental Issues in Europe

by:Two Eight     2019-08-21
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Environmental Issues in Europe
This article deals with some major environmental issues in European countries.
This article shows the fact that even in a continent where environmental protection is a top priority in Europe, the degradation of natural resources is difficult to avoid.
There are many industrialized and technically advanced countries on the continent, where industry is a major contributor to the pollution of natural resources.
European countries have also developed strict guidelines, rules/regulations for pollution control and natural balance.
Due to the complexity of the Industrial Revolution, the environmental problems in Europe are complex.
As African governments become more aware of the catastrophic consequences of climate change and other issues, strict rules and regulations to prevent environmental damage have been implemented.
However, there are still some problems that continue to affect the environment in the region.
It has been observed that various industrial activities have resulted in the production of 100,000 chemicals that have never belonged to us.
In Europe, the polluting chemical industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.
The speed is getting faster and faster, which is a concern of the continent and the whole world.
Agricultural production and industrialisation in Bulgaria have caused some environmental problems.
The effects of intensive agriculture were observed in the 1990 s.
60% of all agricultural land is contaminated with fertilizers and pesticides. Two-
Thirty rivers have been polluted in this country.
The Development of Bulgaria's natural resources has highlighted this pollution very well.
Many of Europe's environmental problems revolve around the disastrous consequences of the Industrial Revolution.
Heavy rain has affected most European countries, and Greece is one of the worst affected countries.
In addition to destroying crops, the rain has also destroyed monuments.
The lake in this country is affected by rain.
This has had a devastating impact on the environment in countries such as Austria.
Of the country's total forest coverage, 25% are damaged by rainfall.
This is one of the main problems in the UK.
During the year, 2007 people were wasted in the form of slices of bread, potatoes, apples, etc.
About 6,700,000 tons.
The launch of the "Love Food, Hate Waste" campaign is the result of this massive food waste.
However, the problem is far from being controlled.
This problem is common to all countries on this planet, and Europe is no exception.
Road transport contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and other contaminants.
40% of greenhouse gases and 70% of air pollutants are produced by vehicles.
Lithuania is a European country greatly affected by environmental pollution.
The problem in this country is so serious that about one
The third part of the total area is always covered by pollutants.
It has different types of industrial units such as cement plants, power stations and refineries.
, To a large extent affected.
Austria is a country seriously affected by the endangered animal species.
According to a report released by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), in just four years (between 2002 and 2006), there are five mammals, seven fish species, there are 8 species of birds and 22 species of spinal animals that are on the verge of extinction.
Europe is a continent that represents more developed countries than any other continent.
Almost all European countries are taking strict action to solve environmental problems in the best way.
The change of natural balance caused by years of industrial development will inevitably show its badeffects.
Environmental problems in Europe are as important as anywhere else in the world.
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