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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Environmental Issues in Africa

by:Two Eight     2019-08-21
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Environmental Issues in Africa
Africa has a large number of environmental problems that pose a threat to the global environmental situation.
The following article discusses some aspects of these issues and some measures that need to be taken.
Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent in the world.
It has 54 states and a variety of natural diversity.
Over the past few years, the continent has faced many political and war issues that have made these countries poor and underdeveloped.
But recently, conditions have become better and people have begun to think about development and growth.
Still, there are people in some tribal areas who rely on hunting and simple vegetation to get food.
Lack of education, poverty, and constant
The increase in population has caused many serious environmental problems in Africa.
These issues have become a serious concern not only for the African continent, but also for the whole world.
Deforestation has become one of the main factors affecting the ecological balance in Africa and the world.
Forest cover in woodlands and farmland is cleared, resulting in soil erosion, climate change, reduced rainfall and many other adverse conditions.
Degradation of soil quality and loss of fertility have also become a very serious problem.
Although the government has taken the initiative to grow more plants, the natural imbalance cannot be solved with a little effort.
Although the countries of this continent do not contribute much to the world's air pollution, the increase in population also shows an increase in air pollution.
This may be due to industries established in countries where labor is readily available.
In addition, there are many houses where food is still cooked by burning wood and coal.
It also caused air pollution.
Water pollution is one of the biggest problems.
Africa accepts solid waste from developed countries such as the United States, European countries and Japan and is paid for it.
However, these solid wastes were improperly disposed of and dumped in rivers and other bodies of water.
This caused water pollution.
Human waste has also polluted water bodies and it has become very difficult to get fresh and clean water.
The main energy source here is wood.
70% of the energy is generated by burning coal and burning firewood, resulting in deforestation, soil erosion, air pollution, and ecological imbalance.
The government has begun to awaken people and has made many efforts to control the situation.
Another energy source will require funding, and the continent's economy is not that strong, so it may take some time.
There are many endangered species of animals and plants in Africa.
However, due to the need to cut down forests and agricultural land, biodiversity is greatly lost.
The uneducated tribal people still rely on hunting.
Many of them burned their land and forests in order to find animals easily.
This also led to the death of many other animals.
Oil is one of the main sources of income in these countries, but this has caused many difficult environmental problems.
The advanced technology used to get oil is very dangerous to the environment.
However, due to the lack of education and the lack of appropriate rules, the exploitation of oil is carried out in the same way.
Transportation of oil by sea is also contaminated by improper packaging and transportation.
These environmental problems are not only harmful to the African continent, but also to the ecological balance of the world.
This is a worrying situation. they are causing global warming.
Therefore, African governments and even the world environmental organization should take strict measures to inspect these problems before they lead to dangerous consequences.
We need to find ways to save the environment.
This is our planet. if we can't save it, no one can save it.
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