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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Environmental Degradation

by:Two Eight     2019-08-20
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Environmental Degradation
Although environmental degradation is defined as environmental degradation, there is a lot to understand about this problem that threatens the basic existence of life on our planet.
One of the major threats facing the planet today is that environmental degradation will sooner or later make life difficult for all life forms, including our human beings.
Studies have shown that environmental degradation is occurring at an alarming rate.
Indeed, the United Nations Senior Threat Group has listed it as one of the top ten threats facing humanity.
This issue has a common space with issues such as poverty, terrorism and civil war, which in itself highlights the fact that we are heading towards some kind of disaster.
This is a process in which the Earth's natural environment is degraded to the extent that the Earth's biodiversity and overall health are drastically reduced.
In other words, it can be defined as a result of over-exploitation of existing resources such as water, air, plants, animals, soil, deterioration of the Earth's natural environment, and so on.
Life on Earth is intertwined so that the reduction of a particular attribute triggers a domino effect that depends on all its other attributes.
Environmental degradation can be attributed to various human activities and some natural processes, which have a negligible share in this regard.
Most of the Earth's resources are easily depleted, and the speed at which we exploit them has put some of them on the verge of drying up.
The development of fossil fuels is the best example of this phenomenon. Large-
Mass mining has exhausted fossil fuel reserves around the world, so we have no choice but to find alternative energy sources.
Other human activities that cause this environmental problem include urbanization, overpopulation, deforestation, pollution, hunting, etc.
Its influence is becoming more and more obvious in the form of various environmental problems affecting the Earth.
The hazardous waste produced by the industry pollutes the nearby water bodies, making the water unsuitable for drinking.
Similarly, greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere, such as fluoride and carbon dioxide, have a devastating impact on the environment, making the planet vulnerable to a range of issues, including global warming and climate change.
While continued agricultural activity has led to soil degradation, excessive deforestation to accumulate a growing population has led to degradation of air and water.
Human beings rarely sacrifice their own necessities, but recently, the development of resources to meet them has caused losses to the environment.
After a period of time, the damage to the environment reached a stage in which the environment itself could not achieve the required balance.
In this case, we humans need to step in to ensure that the damage is controlled and balanced.
Simple measures such as saving electricity, using alternative energy, avoiding the use of things that pollute the environment, and keeping the soil.
Can help protect the environment from the threat of degradation.
Environmental activists around the world are doing their best to protect the environment.
As far as we are concerned, we need to do our part to ensure their success.
The need for one hour is to identify the causes of environmental degradation and eliminate them one by one.
We need to understand the fact that we are part of the intertwined life system on Earth, and therefore problems such as environmental degradation and environmental pollution will inevitably affect us directly or indirectly.
While disaster is not expected to happen tomorrow or hundreds of years later, it does not mean that disaster will never happen.
Therefore, we are the smartest species on Earth and it is our responsibility to ensure that these problems do not arise.
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