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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Earth Day History

by:Two Eight     2019-08-20
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Earth Day History
What was the exact event that led to the birth of Earth Day 40 years ago?
Find out everything about Earth Day and some interesting facts from the following article.
"Lord Nelson, father of Earth Day.
A man's firm determination and perseverance evoke and unite the passion of nearly 20 million Americans, eventually creating Earth Day.
More importantly, it ultimately puts the need for governance and restrictions on environmental degradation on the map of national political institutions before things reach an irreversible level.
Let's take a look at how Gaylord Nelson, then senator of Wisconsin, succeeded in tearing off the blinders of politicians, forcing them to see that the Earth needs immediate help to restore its health after daily industrial rape.
Known as "protecting the governor" for introducing the main environment"
During the friendly movement in Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson did his part to save nature.
"Nelson launched and approved large water body cleaning campaigns, natural resource conservation projects around him, and even created green jobs.
But in 1962, after he landed on the throne of a US senator, he tried to open the eyes of government policymakers and expose the unimaginable abyss that the Earth has reached.
At that time, no industrial owner could be prosecuted or prosecuted for discharging all industrial waste into water bodies or for freely discharging toxic smoke into the atmosphere.
To put it simply, there is no clean water method or clean air method that can limit anyone's direct destruction of the Earth.
On 1962, Nelson conveyed his concerns to Attorney General Robert Kennedy and urged him to persuade the then president of the United States, John fitzgerrard Kennedy, at President's 11-
A five-day national conservation tour is planned for 1963. J. F.
Kennedy endorsed the idea and did his best to run for the cause, but unfortunately it was a failure.
Nelson, however, refused to give up.
He struggled to move forward in his career, trying to spread consciousness in his small way.
He gave a speech to people from all walks of life.
He traveled through almost 25 different states across the country, demonstrating devastating future outcomes such as water, air pollution and smoke.
He especially wanted to attract the masses at the grass-roots level, because he knew that the ultimate strength was with them, only their strong protest can force politicians to sit in their comfortable chairs.
Gradually, a wave of fulfillment swept through the crowd, and the obvious difference in the results of the survey between 1965 and 1969 became apparent.
Only with 4 years of time seem to think that solve limit and reverse air and water pollution influence of problem is government of before three a priority matters one of number from 15% people of small growth 1965 in 1969 to 53% desperate and overwhelming.
However, the two major events brought Nelson's views back home in a shock manner.
The magazine describes the tragic state of the Cleveland kaihoga River.
The pollution of the river has reached more than saturation, with about 13 major fires occurring, the first in 1968.
Choose to describe the state of the river with the words Cuyahoga "oozing rather than flowing" and if a person happens to fall into the river, he "will not drown but will rot ".
In fact, there are no aquatic creatures in the river between Akron and Cleveland.
The article made the crowd boil, when they were already frustrated by the 1969 news in January 28, which said that a offshore platform owned by United Oil, at the Dos Cuadras Offshore Oil Field, the explosion caused 80,000 to 100,000 barrels of crude oil to leak to the Santa Barbara Strait and its surrounding coastline for 10 days.
About 10,000 birds died due to this ecological disaster, apparently due to continued observance of ignorance.
Nelson visited the ruins of Santa Barbara in the Summer of 69. on his way to San Francisco, he suddenly thought, he can use the same method to reach out to those who effectively awaken people to join the anti-corruption organization.
On a university campus
"He immediately organized three such meetings at San Jose State University, Dickinson College (Penn) and the University of Michigan.
Finally, on September 20, 1969, at a meeting in Seattle, Nelson put forward the idea of observing the day next spring, providing a stage for the people of all time.
The problem of environmental degradation is growing.
The idea has become a reason for all factions who are united on environmental issues but are useless to celebrate.
The media spread it to every corner of the United States, and people can no longer maintain their enthusiasm and support for Nelson.
Over the next four months letters, faxes and inquiries will not stop, and several students from all over the country have come forward and made the proper shaping for the movement, because they believe, if the movement is not properly directed, all the enthusiasm of the people will be lost.
Nelson Center for Environmental Education-In, Inc.
Paul N, Republican representative of California
As a colleague of Nelson, McCluskey
We hired the chairman and the students to deal with the problems of the masses.
Denis Hayes, a Harvard graduate at the time, today is a prominent environmental advocate who was appointed as the event coordinator.
1969 on November 30, reporter Gladwin Hill
Adding more oil to the fires that have already shone in the hearts of American citizens.
On December 1969, Hayes spoke in a group at Columbia University, where four students, Fred Kent, Pete glannis, Christine Hubbard and William Hubbard, were very moved by the cause.
They traveled to New York City to take an active part in the sport.
Kent began looking for rented offices.
When Mayor Lindsay offered to close the Fifth Avenue office to give them the house, fate favored them.
As excitement grows, Nelson's staff, Linda Billings, and John tradition, struggled to keep up in the Senate office, when John Gardner provided temporary shelter, the founder of the common cause, to set up a permanent headquarters in Washington. C.
It was about January of 1970.
However, in Philadelphia, a group consisting mainly of Penn students gathered to form a group called the Philadelphia Earth Week Committee, it was not enough for the committee to decide to show everything in their hearts in just one day.
So they decided to organize the week, known as the Earth Week, from April 16-22 ".
In April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans participated actively and expressed their love for the Earth without hesitation.
Appointments from 10,000 primary and high schools, 2,000 universities and more than 1,000 communities participated in the campaign.
Along with the enthusiastic students, there are equally excited agronomists, housewives, union members, scientists and politicians. While U. S.
Senator Edmund musski, who finally drafted the historic Clean Air Act of 1970, delivered a keynote speech at the Fairmont Park in Philadelphia on the same day, in order to celebrate Earth Day, the mayor of Lindsay opened the Central Park.
Even Edward Kennedy of the United StatesS.
Senator from Massachusetts and Barry Goldwater from the United StatesS.
Senators from Arizona took an active part in the celebration.
How did he do it?
The United Nations Secretary-General
On March 21, 1971, the general approved an announcement announcing each Earth Day as an official international holiday.
Long time later, President Bush
Earth Day is declared a national holiday in the United States.
Earth Day became a global phenomenon in 1990.
Some 141 countries participated in the celebrations and mobilized about 0. 2 billion people.
It saw the persistence of the recycling revolution, and the recycling revolution is gradually becoming the preferred way of life for conscious earth people.
Of the 2000 countries, there are 184.
It is the internet that allows people and activists from all over the world to communicate in a forum to solve a unique problem, that is, the welfare of the Earth.
1970 Earth Day has achieved a breakthrough response and breakthrough results.
It happens to be the Earth Day ecological flag designed by cartoonist Ron Cobb.
According to him, the symbol of the green tone is a combination of the lower case letters "e" and "o.
These letters are selected to represent the words "environment" and "organism.
St. Francis of Assisi, julius Stirling Morton, John Moore and Eddie Albert were born on the 22nd with many great eco-activists.
All of these people try to bring about change and make the most of their resources to inspire and arouse people to be free from convenient sleep.
Even 40 years after Earth Day, we still know what environmental pollution is.
The biggest enemy of every creature on earth is a phenomenon called global warming. let's face it and we bring it to ourselves.
The sad thing is that we can still do nothing.
\ "With a huge placard in hand, do what you can to keep our Earth breathing.
Turning off the faucet to limit the waste of water doesn't take much, turning off the lights when you leave the room instead of waste paper, cultivating some plants on our balcony and not littering around you unnecessarily.
Do it all, you may not be a worldFamous people.
But you will surely be part of Earth Day in your own tiny way, and who knows, and may even change the rest around you forever.
Always remember that every point is important for the formation of a whole.
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