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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Earth Day Games And Activities

by:Two Eight     2019-08-20
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Earth Day Games And Activities
April 22 is Earth Day, and the world celebrates with joy.
Here are some games and activities dedicated to this day.
We have so much to give to our Earth!
From the beautiful natural environment to the abundant flora and fauna, there are many things available on our planet that will only make life more beautiful.
However, have you ever thought about how many people really respect the planet? ?
April 22 is called Earth Day ".
1970 is the first day to celebrate this day.
This festival is celebrated to give people more awareness of our planet and the situation we need to deal with to ensure it is well loved and cared.
Let's take a look at some very interesting activities and games that will teach children and even adults the importance of our planet.
You can use these activities in your daily life.
Children can be educated at school or at home, and you can even remind them in the form of notes at home to ensure that this routine is maintained.
The first thing you can start with is turn off the lights when not in use.
Where possible, use natural light for activities such as reading or painting.
Avoid using plastic.
Reuse and recycle as much as possible.
Keep the area clean.
Make sure everyone around you is equally enthusiastic and aware of their responsibility for the Earth.
Avoid charging your phone at night.
Most phones have an indicator that shows when the charging process is complete.
In addition to incorporating these activities into your daily life, you can also teach young people some activities, such as further activities on Earth Daytogether.
(These can also be used in other ways! Eco-Leaf-
First, cut the upper half of the Grain box.
Once you pass halfway, cut 45-
The angle of the front.
Cut directly from here and start cutting.
Keep the angle consistent.
Gently use sandpaper at the top of the Grain box.
This will help to keep the paint normal on the box.
Spray now with white paint.
You can even use a brush.
Let it dry.
At the same time, pour the green paint and, with the help of the brush, paint the small vines on the box.
Now, with leaves
Foam stamps in shape and create prints on the front and side of the box.
Decoration elements can be anything according to your creativity.
However, you must always make sure that the box used should be a sturdy variety.
These attractive magazine holders can certainly teach the concept of recycling.
In addition to this, you can even organize games, such as quizzes that test participants' knowledge, and also communicate messages to participants.
Combine puzzles and even recipe contests to make the whole event a successful one.
The idea behind this concept is to spread information without getting it.
Boring things together!
With these ideas, you will definitely have an interesting time to do something valuable for our planet.
Keep in mind that it's not just April 22, we should also mark it as Earth Day, and we have to celebrate it all year round.
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