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safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Causes of Environmental Degradation

by:Two Eight     2019-08-20
safety regulations for dishes in a hotel or restaurant 2017 Causes of Environmental Degradation
Environmental degradation is now rampant due to irresponsible use of our natural resources.
Let's take a look at many of its causes and effects.
News about global warming, melting glaciers and rising sea levels.
These days are very common.
When the natural state of the environment is damaged, it will lead to the destruction of biodiversity and damage the health of the environment.
This is the so-called environmental degradation.
This process can be caused by nature itself or by human beings. made.
If you compare today's Earth to hundreds of years ago, you will see how much our environment has changed.
When we talk about this topic, the intensity of this problem is not actually understood, but it may cause damage to human beings themselves.
Environmental degradation is most concerned in the form of land degradation.
Both nature and humanity have contributed to this.
This effect is most evident in dry, semi-dry and dry semi-humid areas.
One of the main reasons is the overgrazing of the land.
In addition, in many parts of the world, the green cover is almost completely exhausted.
Forests have paved the way for human settlements.
This has led to a sharp rise in temperature in recent times.
The reduction in forest cover has led to large-scale
Scale erosion in turn leads to the loss of nutrients in the soil.
This causes the soil to become barren and, in some cases, barren.
Without forests to support them, the top soil of the land can easily be blown away, causing further damage to the environment.
Pollution is also eroding the environment.
Here we are talking about air pollution, which is polluted by toxic substances.
This is caused by many reasons.
One of the most prominent reasons is vehicle emissions.
The number of vehicles is increasing every day, which means an increase in air pollution.
Another reason is the chemical waste released by various factories.
This waste often forms a layer in the atmosphere, which may be the main cause of concern.
When it comes to this issue, we cannot forget the development of fossil fuels.
People have been mining fossil fuels since they were discovered.
This causes its reserves to run out around the world, and when fossil fuels burn, they release toxins into the air, which further increases environmental degradation.
Perhaps overpopulation is the root cause of all environmental problems.
The existing land reserves on Earth are limited.
However, demand is always
Increased by the increase in population.
In fact, there are only so many things extracted from the Earth.
This leads to the widespread use of chemicals and other toxins to produce more food to feed
The number of people is increasing.
This has had a serious impact on the Earth.
With the use of chemicals, the biological balance of the Earth has also been destroyed due to the killing of microorganisms.
Due to these factors, the entire ecosystem has been adversely affected.
Ecosystems are made up of organisms and non-organisms.
However, when any of them is destroyed, it causes damage to the entire ecosystem with the loss of balance.
There is no doubt that plants and animals constitute an important feature of the ecosystem, but microorganisms and water and soil cannot be forgotten.
Industrial waste is known to be harmful to the environment.
These wastes may be liquid waste, polluting the river, causing harm to the ecosystem in the river, or solid waste, not biodegradable, polluting the environment.
Needless to say, the survival of human beings depends on the environment we call home and the protection of the Earth.
One must strive to protect the air, water and soil and to restore the balance in the ecosystem, which has been destroyed or is about to be destroyed.
In other words, one must strive to restore its natural habitat and ensure that no further harm will be done to our wonderful planet.
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