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Rt. 29 Tour Through Virginia or Old 97 Rides Again - restaurant quality vegetarian dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-24
Rt. 29 Tour Through Virginia or Old 97 Rides Again  -  restaurant quality vegetarian dishes
I made two road trips in 2010, combining my love for flea markets, rail transport and nature.
One took me to the south Rt.
On the east coast of Virginia, the other walked west along the Rt in the United States.
40 kilometers north of Maryland, towards Altoona, Pennsylvania.
Both trips have been very successful in achieving rail and shopping goals and have attracted my attention to attractions and tastes that are not available in the suburbs of Washington.
They also provided materials for hub pages.
The first road trip in 2011 was along Rt in the United States.
From central Virginia to North Carolina.
The tour was inspired by the railroad ballad the remains of the Old 97.
The old 97 is a Southern Rail mail train from New York to New Orleans, and the song focuses on an extension from Monroe Virginia to Danville Virginia, but mentions Spencer North Carolina.
A small study shows that we
The railroad is basically parallel, and Spencer is home to the North Carolina Museum of Transport. Rt.
29 A happy service should be provided, as it is a rural road (not an interstate) through many small and medium-sized towns ).
Road trips are mandatory! ! !
It started in Gainesville, Virginia, and ended in Spencer, North Carolina, with great success.
In the suburbs, the sale in the yard is an impromptu thing, and most of the parents try to sell the children old toys and clothes that are too small.
Venture into the countryside, yard sales become semi-professional and operators are trying to subsidize their lives.
The courtyard sale may be an edge antique shop and of course there are many opportunities to find collectibles.
Real professionals can find at organized flea markets, where table hire r caters to Saturday's treasure seekers who will have interesting stock.
Of course, there are many antique shops to find, and their inventory will be good, but the price will be much higher than the price of courtyard sales and flea markets.
Start your trip ahead of time and try to get to the hunting ground by 8: 00 in the morning.
Keep an eye on the clock and remember your final destination.
Many sales will be found, and if you focus too much on hunting, the day will last for a few hours in the future.
Pay attention to the signs that will get you off the main route, but be careful not to go too far (maybe a few miles) so as not to find yourself many miles from the main route.
(Hint: using GPS is very helpful to keep it open ).
The main route will be larger sales, flea markets and antique stores.
Stop here, of course.
The picture below is a sample of sales on Rt. 29 trip.
There is a lot to see and enjoy along Rt. 29.
Virginia is a very historic state where you can see a lot along Rt. 29.
Near Charlottsville is the home of Monticello, our third president, Thomas Jefferson.
The house and grounds are beautiful, and there are many features of Jefferson's own design.
The University of Virginia founded by Jefferson is located in Charlottsville.
Nearby is Ashland, the home of James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States, and a student of Thomas Jefferson.
Located near Monticello, Ritchie Tavern is a great place to eat American cuisine and experience early American history.
Salisbury NC shares a boundary with Spencer NC and is an interesting place in itself.
I only scratched the surface in interesting places in town, but did find a 6000 square foot mural depicting life at the turn of the century (1899/1900) Salisbury, and1861-
1865 \ "I think the usage of the word country and its context are interesting.
The statue was built in 1909 and seems like NC is still a reluctant part of the United States.
Driving past Virginia is the center of wine country.
There are many wineries with wine tasting rooms;
Of course, it may take you a few days to get to NC.
Train 97 is an express train from New York to New Orleans.
It is run by Southern Railway, which has signed a lucrative contract with the United States. S. Post Office.
The contract penalized every minute the train was delayed.
Obviously, the railway wants the train to be on time.
On September 27, 1903, engineer Joseph (Steve) Brodi boarded train 97 in Washington with two firefighters. the additional task was to ensure that the steam pressure was maintained.
The train left Washington late and was an hour late when it arrived at Monroe Va.
Was told to make up an hour at Monroe Brodie.
Maybe he worked too hard.
When Train 97 was near Danville VA/through the curved high quiet room of 75 feet, the train derailed and fell off the trestle, killing fireman Steve and six others.
The Southern Railway company accused Brodi;
No big company will encourage unsafe operations for money.
The remains of the Old 97
My interest in the Old 97 was caused by the ballad sung by Jonny Cash.
The song dates back to Steve and Glazer's last Fortune trip and did a great job of following the route, which inspired Rt. 29 road trip.
The picture below describes the points along the way and uses the words in the song as the title when appropriate.
The Spencer store is a major steam locomotive repair facility located between Atlanta, Georgia.
Washington, D. C.
The facility was opened on 1896 and was presided over by Samuel Spencer, head of the Southern Railway.
From the 1950 s to the 1970 s, it was phased out as diesel locomotives replaced maintenance-intensive steam locomotives.
The facility is listed on the National Historic Site and is now the North Carolina Museum of Transport.
The picture best describes the facilities and they follow.
There are many motels and national chain restaurants near Salisbury near Interstate 85.
If you want something more local, go to the visitor center or study the Internet carefully.
North Carolina is famous for grilling, so I found a place on the Internet where I had the best grilling in Spencer, with my favorite delicious country fried steak mentioned in the comments.
That's it for me.
Unfortunately Country Fried is an intermittent special food and I didn't have it that night there and even though I liked the barbecue it didn't like me so I chose one called
If John Wayne provided this within this range, he would shoot the chef and, of course, the description of the mystery meat would apply, perhaps even a poor quality vegetarian meat replacement.
I want pastry in the morning.
The local bakery in Salisbury is only cookies and cupcakes, and Spencer's Hispanic bakery doesn't know what I'm talking about.
I ended up doing it at a tiny high price-
Nuts and coffee from chain storesnut place. For do-
Nuts are the best food warehouse in the country.
Study or insist on using Apple bees.
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