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royal albert bone china tea set value how to identify the age of a tea set | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
Tea sets can be collected for decoration and can also be used on special occasions.Antiques are not usually used regularly but are appreciated.The age of the tea set can be judged by several factors such as stamps, symbols and numbers.
Tea sets are available all over the world.Some companies have built up a reputation for beautifully designed and elegant works that any collector should cherish and may be worth a lot of money if they remain in good shape.Analyze where the tea set is made.Some tea sets will have stamps or signs, while others may use letters or words.
For example, after 1970, tea sets made in Mexico use the letter "T" to represent their country, and the word "plata" can be found on old models of tea sets.Tea sets produced in other countries after 1891 will be marked at the bottom of countries such as Italy or Spain.The McKinley Tariff Act in the United States requires all imported goods to indicate which country produced them.
Check the design of the tea set.
The company that made the tea set, before changing the tea set to another design that helps to show the approximate age of the tea set, has had a specific type of design for several years.Lawys Chinese tea has a Rockingham style, indicating that it was made between 1920 and 1950.From 1946 to 1952, Trimont China occupied Japan and used flower designs with a little gold decoration in their tea sets.
Look at the symbols at the bottom of the tea set.Not all tea sets are signed, but many companies like Capodimonte use symbols as signs.Cabodimonte began in Italy, marked with a blue crown before 1896, and changed to a badge and wreath under the blue crown after 1896.
Check the text at the bottom of the tea set.If there are hand-written marks, the tea set is made before 1800 s and before stamping is used.If the tea set has a non-blue stamped logo, font and/or number, the tea set was made after 1850.
Any tea set with a logo or trademark is made after 1862.Tea sets LimitedOr limited to the bottom, it was made after 1860.Look at the numbers at the bottom of the tea set.
The number indicates the manufacturer's code, pattern number, or its registration number.If it is the registration number, there will be "rd" behind the number ".When you combine all the previous steps, numbers are an important part of identifying the age of the collection.
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