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romantic date night at home by bryan romanow - five star restaurant dish with bugs

by:Two Eight     2019-09-22
romantic date night at home by bryan romanow  -  five star restaurant dish with bugs
Lobster, as a luxurious and romantic cuisine, is widely known all over the world.
If you 've never tried to cook lobster at home on a date night, then you miss a fun night.
Here's how to cook live lobster and prepare for a spectacular date night in a comfortable home.
First, set the mood of the night by setting the table like five peopleStar restaurant.
A tablecloth, your best china, and many candles will make your table great every day.
Floating candles give a beautiful atmosphere, especially for seafood dinners such as lobster.
Flowers or petals sprinkled on the table can add extra luxury.
Playing your favorite music gently in the background will make your home a private dining paradise.
Then, it's time to prepare the lobster.
Boil a pot of water.
If you like, you can also add spices or lemons to the water.
Make sure your lobster is still alive because it may not cook properly if it's dead.
Carefully clip the rubber band off the lobster.
Pick up the lobster and use a kitchen towel and put your head in boiling water if you wish.
For those who are a little sensitive to killing lobster, his brain is as big as a locust and is not suitable for pain.
If you don't mind stepping on a bug, you don't mind killing a lobster.
If you do, let your other half put it in the water.
Cover the lobster and cook it for 15 minutes (one or two pounds of lobster ).
The lobster shell will turn bright red, and the tail will curl when the lobster is ready.
How do you judge if it is cooked?
Try to pull down a walking calf.
When the lobster is cooked, it will fall off easily.
The meat inside the lobster will be hard, white and opaque.
To be fully sure, a meat thermometer is used to measure the internal temperature of the lobster.
Should be 180 degrees.
Lemon butter is delicious with lobster, but if you are on a diet, you can try to mix honey mustard, olive oil and a little lemon juice as a juicy alternative.
White wine is served with your meal, which can best offset the rich taste of lobster.
You can stop here for a big dinner, or add a simple salad and bread stick to it for a really big dinner.
I know you made a restaurant.
Enjoy quality meals quietly with your loved one and will make your delicious lobster taste better.
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