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by:Two Eight     2019-07-20
Desserts are always special after a hearty lunch or dinner.Many people think Indian food is made of spices.But if you look closely, you will find that India is the birthplace of a unique, shocking sweet dish or dessert.
Indian sweets are unique in every way, with unique flavors, aromas and history.Although the baked desserts in a large part of the world are delicious, the desserts in India are mostly non-Indian.baked items.This makes them more interesting and unique.
Among many Indian dishes, the colors and aromas of herbs and spices are used to make the dishes mouth-watering.Candy in India is no exception.Different ingredients were used to prepare Indian candy.Some parts of the country use lentils for dessert, while some parts of the country use milk to prepare sweets.
Like Indian culture, Indian cuisine is also very diverse.They have their unique charm, and Candy prepared with different Indian cuisines can easily feel their uniqueness.Candy is considered an integral part of any festival in India.
Whether it's a traditional Hindu festival or a Muslim festival, any celebration will not be complete without giving candy to neighbors.To some extent, Candy also plays a vital role in maintaining harmony between different religious and ethnic communities in the country.There are several well-known Indian confectionery manufacturers, such as the ricrishina candy company and so on.
In the next part of this article, we'll take a look at the top ten Indian sweets that are appreciated by foodies around the world for their rich taste, aroma and flavor.1.Ras Malai is a pure milk dessert and is considered a powerful Indian dessert.This sweet one is as sweet as the name and has different changes.
In eastern India, it is found to be a white Chena ball dipped in condensed milk.In northern India, the same preparation enriches "kesar", which makes the dish more fragrant.2.This is a traditional North Indian cuisine, but can be found all over the country due to its simple and charming taste.
Dip the ball in the shape of the fried waffles into the syrup and make it into Gulab Jamun.Traditional Indian ghee has been used for frying.3.This is what has always been considered a unique dessert during Indian festivals or celebrations.
The creaking and "melting in the mouth" feel of besan LaDou will be tasted by any foodie.4.Rusgula is a cuisine of East India, where simplicity is an integral part of making desserts or sweets.They are simple, but the unique taste and taste are very refreshing.
Sweets are heavy in North India, but Las Gula in East India is light and healthy.Dip the ball or snow in the syrup and prepare the lasagura.5.The spiral design of Jalebi looks complicated, but in terms of taste, they are simply heavenly.
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