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Road Trip Rt 40, Horseshoe Curve, Station Inn, Polish Picnic - dish washington dc restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-28
Road Trip Rt 40, Horseshoe Curve, Station Inn, Polish Picnic  -  dish washington dc restaurant
I remember being a family a few years ago. xa0Travel twice a year from Washington DC to Detroit Mi.
My two sisters and I squeezed into 1936 Buick with my parents and drove an 18-
Travel north for 24 hours.
I remember part of the trip;
Hagestown, Hancock, brezewood, Barbara fridges in Frederick, and Penn toll roads.
I remember we never stopped at Barbara fridges, but there was always an ice cream cone at the midway restaurant on the toll road.
This weekend I decided to combine some of my adult interests with a trip to Highway 40 and then head north to central Pennsylvania.
Highway 40 is a national highway, but it is not as easy to walk as it was many years ago.
Some roads are still Highway 40 and some are consistent with Interstate 70 or 68 and I suspect some have been changed to Rt.
144 or alternate 40.
The trip was planned by using MapQuest and taking notes, where to turn and which way to go, and the technology was very effective.
GPS doesn't help much because it always uses interstate and paper maps that lack the necessary details.
Efforts are worth it.
Given that the entire trip is no more than a few hours from Washington or Baltimore, there is a lot of cultural and geographical diversity.
Driving an interstate is a quick way to travel (which may no longer be true), but all the good things will be on the road you can't see.
You will find that businesses in small towns reflect the surrounding areas.
Hunting is a major activity in the country.
Shops catering to hunters are very popular.
The restaurant/ammo store in Hancock is a good example.
Combing these two businesses is definitely creative and you can feel the lively atmosphere that this place has to have in the early morning and after hunting.
In DuncansvillePa.
There is a gun shop that specializes in gun mouth loaders (like the guns they used in the revolution) and in a town I saw a banjo shop.
I stumbled across the Palmira farm near hagellstown.
I didn't stop, but I wanted me to stop and later found out that it was a famous institution in the area.
There are countless places to stop and get different local flavors from unfamiliar themes.
Highway 40 offers many opportunities to enjoy continental drift.
On the top of Zhenshan, you can see the beautiful scenery of Interstate 68, and you can see the side Mountains in the distance.
The place overlooking is far from the road;
It looks like a great place to watch the eagles migrate along the ridge in the fall.
A very attractive bed and breakfast across the road.
Spend a quiet night, then get up early to watch the birds, or enjoy the color of nature.
Driving on the Country Road will always find some local activities that sound very attractive.
Pancake breakfast, fried chicken dinner or rib feast, usually sponsored by a church or brother organization, can attract you to get off the bus and stay away from the plastic chain.
We had the polish picnic at Mount Carmel Church in Lilly, Pennsylvania.
Recalling my childhood, I remember my grandmother doing Golumpki and Perogies and having to stop for a picnic.
Golumpki (made into pig or piggypki s in USA) is sold like Perogies and they are homemade by church members and are great.
The lady who took the money undoubtedly thought I was a pig because I bought two dinners.
Great entertainment.
There are both country bands, Western bands and, of course, polka bands.
Children's games and adult games as well as adult drinks provide continuous entertainment.
The picnic made the trip a complete success.
Cabbage roll2 c. 1 to 1 1/2 lbs. 1/4 c. 1/4 tsp. 1 med.
Green head of cabbage. 2 tbsp.
Mix rice, raw beef and onions together.
Boil the head of the cabbage after taking the core, just to relax the leaves for about 3 to 5 minutes.
Remove 1 leaf at a time and fill it with about 2 tablespoons of rice --meat mixture.
Fold it horizontally and bring the sides of the leaves into it for a pocket.
Arrange in a covered casserole or baking tray and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.
Mix the sauce to creamy and add a spoon to the finished golumpki.
With rye bread and Polish sausage.
Service is about 6 to 8 people.
Maybe the main reason I'm on this path is to look for treasures that I can finally sell.
The trip did produce a lot of yard sales and interesting shops.
The area around hagerstowmd.
Made some discoveries, Duncansville Pa was also a nice picnic area, but overall the sales part of the trip was not very good and did not meet my high expectations.
Maybe I was distracted by everything provided by this trip.
Many tourist attractions. Cumberland Md.
This is in itself a guarantee of weekend accommodation.
The Maryland west railway starts 3 hours from Cumberland to and from Fort Frost.
At the C & OCanal Museum at the train station, camberland county, the West End of canalâ€s s.
There are several museums and historical buildings in the city.
The Horseshoe Curve is located near AltoonaPa and worth a visit.
There is a visitor center that tells the history of this famous railway site.
A funiculator was ridden onto the curve when the train often passed.
It is the most popular train destination on the East Coast.
Not far from the curve are the galizipa and galizhan tunnels.
The train runs through the tunnel on the way to and from the Horseshoe Curve.
Gallitzin has a museum/gift shop along with a Penn RR cabin car (caboose ).
Gallitzin also has several interesting old churches that I plan to visit in the near future.
The clessongpa Station Inn is the place I will be staying soon.
It was a railroad themed bed and breakfast, so it was like a museum in itself.
The room was named after the railway, and hundreds of pictures of the railway were decorated on the wall.
The best part is the front porch and the view.
Right across the street is the South Norfolk main line (this line wraps around the horseshoe curve and runs through the gailijin tunnel) and I imagine myself sitting in a rocking chair, drink my Baltimore margar tower while the train passes. I cannot wait! ! !
Most of the photos in this center were taken with a Nikon D80 digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera.
The D80 was replaced by the D90, which is very similar and has some significant improvements.
There are similar D5000 and D3000, just not involved.
For the D90 camera, complex text is very suitable.
If you want a way to expand your travel fun, buy a digital SLR camera.
The camera can be used in point and shoot mode or in full manual mode with many options.
In fact, the camera has more buttons, knobs and controls than the toad clams.
It's a fun experience to understand the camera itself.
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