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River-cruising the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan - dishes of india restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
River-cruising the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan  -  dishes of india restaurant
The Indian River cruise operator adventure resort and cruise company and the Australian cruise traveler added one more
The Kingdom of Bhutan hides exotic on a rare tour in Assam, India.
On the new 16 th, Australia can save $1800 per couple
The Japan-Bhutan and India packages are designed to broaden the horizons and take visitors to two unspoiled and rarely visited destinations.
Bhutan is one of the most mysterious tourist destinations in the world, a remote sanctuary with cliffs
Embrace the temple, snow
The peak, complex arts and crafts, ancient relics, rich and colorful culture.
Bhutan has only been open to the tourism industry since the 1970 th century and has the original scenery, where the land is a protected forest, which makes it a perfect non-the-beaten-
Tracking destinations for nature lovers.
The new programme will showcase many of Bhutan's natural and cultural wonders, including the National Library --
It is famous for collecting a large number of ancient Buddhist manuscripts.
Other attractions include the famous arts and crafts school, the beautiful Buddhist monument, the majestic fortress, the stunning Himalayan landscape and the most famous monastery in Bhutan
Gaochang, Lhakhang, sits on the edge of a cliff 900 above the ground of the valley.
Starting from April 12, the package includes three nights in Kolkata, one 7-
In one of India's most remote corners, night tours under the shadow of 7000metre-
Five nights local tour of the high Himalayan mountains and Bhutan.
During the tour, guests will stay at the premium hotel and taste the local cuisine.
Before visiting Bhutan, guests will visit Kolkata, one of India's cultural hotspots.
There, guests will stay at the majestic 130-year-
Old Oberoi hotel, and take a tour of the city including the majestic Victoria Memorial, sister Santa Teresa's house, and visit Indian cafes.
Guests will then transfer to Pandu port in the unspoiled city of guwahatti, Assam, India, where they will board ARC boutiques and luxury 46-MV Mahabaahu
A passenger ship of seven people
Night tour on the Brahmaputra River.
Indian artisan market tour
Cooking demonstrations, daily yoga, performances by local singers and dancers, as well as a combination of elephants, jeeps and boat trips, guests can discover rhinos in these places with the largest prehistoric population
Elephants, tigers and buffaloes are the most striking animals in the world.
Visitors can visit monasteries, plantations, ancient palaces, remote villages and uninhabited islands.
They can enjoy the bonfire, the weather-permitting.
After the cruise, guests will fly to the capital of Bhutan, timbuh and Palo town for two nights.
Including 8 nights of hotel accommodation, 7 nights of accommodationnight, all-
River cruises, in-house transfers and local flights in India and Bhutan
$12,695 night package per double
Share, including savings of $930 per person if booked by January 30.
Flights from Australia are extra.
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