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Review: Sol de Mexico restaurant makes red hot San Antonio debut - mexican restaurant refried beans side dish

by:Two Eight     2019-10-28
Review: Sol de Mexico restaurant makes red hot San Antonio debut  -  mexican restaurant refried beans side dish
Sol de Mexico has closed.
Burrito, Florida, noodles.
San Antonio knows Mexican food.
But the city rarely sees chef Daniel Mendoza prepared at his new Biken Hill Mexican Sol restaurant.
Three weeks ago, Sol de Mexio opened on the shopping avenue and came to the SoHill Cafe restaurant.
It is located in a vast space and recently a short home
Live in steak house and have less time in country restaurant.
The restaurant retains a brief trace.
The atmosphere of the order, but largely by the festive papel picado string on the top of the head, the color on each seat and the mismatched woven floor mats and decorative pottery boards from the kitchen
Mendoza, a native of New Laredo, brought blue ribbon training and resumes including celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse to food in central and southern Mexico, and he made the taste good gracefully.
Let's start the day with Puerco Volador omelet ($10. 50) —
This is a great place to see what makes this restaurant special.
A delicate egg cloak is hidden with crispy pork belly, manchego cheese and Brussels sprouts.
It features hot green salsa and Mexican dishes and is decorated with small green vegetables, pickled onions and three edible golden marig flowers.
It's a visual art and a level of delicacy and few people will target a humble breakfast order.
Skilled execution on the menu continues.
Frittata, Mexico ($10) is a gorgeous combination of zucchini flowers, Napa and Oaxaca cheese topped with a small amount of balsamic vinegar and at least three edible flowers.
A blue corn ($8 ).
99) sports a very thin and crispy shell that highlights the deep dirt flavor of whiterakce and corn wrapped inside.
Relleno, Chile ($8.
It looks like it's just taken from the garden's box, covered with tender, slightly green plants, flowers and petals, and a rosemary.
Let's talk about tortillas.
The blue and yellow tortillas in solde, Mexico are made of corn, which is ground and ground at home.
Excellent Marin Tucker ($ month.
99) featuring flaky fish cooked in smoked chili broth, the other side is dark and oily salsa made from Sentian chili and mango;
Pastor Taco ($4.
50) full of delicious pork, dyed in deep cherry red with spices;
With a chef's specialty, tortillas Veneno, bean paste and chicharrones have a sophisticated payload. The Rib-
Eye Ranchero ($28 ).
99) is a visual display of a dish. A 12-
An ounce of steak served with salsa sauce and stir-fried peppers, served with roasted bone marrow on a grilled cedar board topped with crispy onions.
At the far end of the board there is a puddle full of beans from the refrigerator with a baking tray on it --
Panera tortillas.
Still, although the performance skills of the dish are good, the tough and dim steak is still well done twice, making the dish feel like one of the less appealing values on the menu.
Sol de Mexico is currently the BYOB breakfast and lunch location and plans to add ticket dinner service in the future.
But there's no reason to wait-
This restaurant is worth a visit today.
1725 Blanco Road, 210-481-
4222, Facebook: 8. m. to 3 p. m.
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