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Review: Macho Libre tacos, burritos, a Chipotle upgrade on San Antonio’s Northwest Side - mexican restaurant refried beans side dish

by:Two Eight     2019-10-28
Review: Macho Libre tacos, burritos, a Chipotle upgrade on San Antonio’s Northwest Side  -  mexican restaurant refried beans side dish
Combined with the kitsch of masked Mexican lucha libre wrestling, the convenience of Chipotle and the taqueria experience of the team behind the San Antonio El Taco Tote Bag, you'll get Macho Libre's tacos and rolls opened earlier this year at Babcock Road on the northwest side of the city.
I wish I could say that Marcho laibury was the first one.
The theme taco I ate in San Antonio. It’s not.
This honor belongs to the later stage.
But Macho Libre picked up the torch with enthusiasm and soon became full of modernism --
Cinderblock with patterns, Regal tiles, bold pink signage and food buildings in lucha libre such as wrestling ring ropes and promotional posters on the counter --style graphics.
In the age of Chipotle, this philosophy is common: ask customers to pick a piece of meat and then take them along a series of ingredients and fillings that can be loaded with tacos no matter what they like,
But the taste is better for San Antonio: roasted carne asada, red-
Pork adobado with spices, creamy tortillas with roasted peppers, and even stewed chicharrones.
The freedom of the great men demands
The size of the tortillas "burrito" softens the basis of the idea that it is a takriya who is not afraid to accept the concept of more West Coast burrito.
This is the best value for this shop for $2.
50 each, filling from the smoked fragments of stewed chicken to the rich rajas con queso, to the chicharones with meat hanging on the pig skin, stewed with peppers and tomatoes, rich in flavor, not too sloppy.
Mucho Burro ($8) is at 14-
Plain, Mexican chili and spinach-flavored inch flour tortillas.
Then put it in a full nelson restaurant with rice, beans, cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeno, sour cream and even spinach and tomatoes.
Respectable carne asada and dry mixture
Out chicken fajita canceled the highs and lows of each other, but in any case they were part of a clumsy superpower
The burrito broke apart after a few bites and turned into a knife --and-fork project.
Street tortillas ($8 for 4 plus refrigerated beans) are made on small commercial tortillas.
Barbacoa and pork al pastor joined the squad from Friday to Sunday.
Barbacoa is silky and dense, and Pastor al comes from a vertical grill trompo with a pineapple crown on the real street --taco cache.
The pork adobado is almost as good, a daily option to apply with deep red spices, making up the best part of a regular cornflakes ($8), a pile of chips and beans, and something on the condiment assembly line, used for a heavy but completely mediocre plate.
The freedom of the big men's salsa trio
Creamy Mexican chili, Tony tomatillo and the smoky Chilean Apo-
All of these bring a good advantage by nodding to the salsa bar at El Taco Tote, the mother ship restaurant at Macho Libre.
Outside the taco. nacho-
My favorite fruit is burrito. and-
A cup of arroz con leche ($2) in Chile's Spark ($4 ).
It brings simple fun with creamy sweet rice and cinnamon.
Nothing kills this joy faster than a cup of salty Mexican street corn, which is smothered by Mayo and Krima, out of proportion to most of the classic corn recipes.
Overall, the effect of Macho Libre is a modern momand-pop-
Style of takriya, fast and convenient
Casual assembly line, local replacement products that break the Chipotle chain.
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