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Review | Firebird Mexican Grill - mexican restaurant main dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-30
Review | Firebird Mexican Grill  -  mexican restaurant main dishes
In this city with nearly a thousand Mexican restaurants, it takes something special to stand out near teteras and Tex.
Mexican people love the most and Mexican interior products.
At the Firebird Mexican Grill, our goal is to offer many of the most popular foods, so they are both familiar and distinctive and memorable.
When the team here succeeded, the food was delicious and the environment was good.
Perhaps the best example of a successful approach is a street food with grilled corn as its staple, taken out of the corn cob, mixed with Chilean powder, tasted like mayonnaise with a little lime juice, with queso murals on it.
It comes with tacos fries and is a great accompaniment to appetizers and drinks while enjoying a large terrace --
Time house in stonewicks.
Potatoes are also very successful.
Bay red apper fish, a fish fillet rolling around herbs wrapped in a shoe rope --
Fried potato chips to golden brown.
Crispy potatoes add a layer of texture and flavor while protecting the fish, so they remain moist.
Enjoy a mixture of Burano rice and calabata with corn and black beans, which is undoubtedly the best dish for a pair of tourists.
Sentimental favorite in old clothesfashioned Tex-Mex enchiladas.
The version here offers an enchilada gravy, rich, thick and well-equipped with a deep flavor that is unmatched by traditional preparations.
Secret: The marriage between veal and escofield and South Texas has just begun.
The only problem is that sometimes there is not enough good gravy in a food, and when they stay under the broiler for a while, the burritos become crispy on the edges.
Such a good idea should be implemented more consistently.
Crab cake is very promising.
They have little filling and fresh flavor, a little spicy corn flavor and some pickled onions with a little cumin to help enhance the taste.
The taste was there, but when the cake arrived at our table they almost collapsed themselves.
Fajitas, the staple food in San Antonio, performed well in execution.
They had a good taste of beef without any tender paste and the chicken fajitas was delicious.
Onion and Burano slices are a plate platter.
Tacos accompanied by fajitas and other main courses, no problem if there is no difference.
Then, there was a clumsy, Gulf shrimp ceviche on two visits.
It looks appetizing in a seafood cocktail Cup.
But the tomato sauce described on the menu is "sweet salsa", and its texture and taste is like a bottle of syrup Thai sweet and sour sauce included in the recipe.
There are many ways to add interesting twists and new dimensions to ceviches and seafood cocktails;
This combination does not work.
If we find only one real disappointment on the menu, then few other projects are completely successful and everything else is fine.
It would be great if the restaurant wanted to lure people away from their favorite party.
Instead, it needs to provide some good reason to switch to a city full of diners who have their favorite Mexican option for a long time.
The service is where it should be, and the server successfully balances the friendliness without becoming unpleasant.
The atmosphere here, especially the charming patio, makes your experience more colorful.
The dishes here need to be constantly jumping from exquisite to unforgettable.
It's more about making it happen.
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