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by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
The smile on my grandmother's innocent face made us play her Happy Birthday song on Sunday.At first, as we turned around her, she hesitated to look into our eyes, but gradually, her happiness began to flow through her eyes in the form of tears.She embraced us all warmly with her fragile and gentle arms.
When she was 86 today, her vivid eyes missed her companion who left forever months ago.On her first birthday after marriage, she shared one thing.Her timid voice can't fully express every nostalgic moment, but she still gets our full attention as she goes on.
She told us how her grandfather had taken her out for dinner over the years, and they used to enjoy those comfortable candlelight dinners in the winter of January.We planned to take her to the same hotel she used to go with her grandfather, but unfortunately there was no table.We tried it a few more times, but it didn't work out.
To find the place closest to her favorite restaurant, I stumbled across FooDrool.Com, offers food from five-star hotels and upscale restaurants in Delhi and Gurgaon.It was a pleasure for me to find the restaurant my grandmother liked.
I called her at once and ordered her favorite dish.Before the arrival of the hot fresh meal, we decorated a table and put a candle on a silver candle stand, which my grandfather gave her on her last birthday.We dim the light and lit the candle.My father gently held her hand and took her into the room.
The moment she saw the table, her eyes were filled with tears, and she embraced all of us with open arms full of love.That night was one of the most memorable nights for our family.On that day, I realized that small things can bring immeasurable happiness in life.
Eating at our favorite hotels and restaurants is definitely an unforgettable experience, but if you order food online and then you get extra privileges, share special moments with loved ones who love the comfort of home.This may be the first time we have experienced the true meaning of the phrase "families who eat together stay together.The development of science and technology makes people's lives easier, but people still lack time.
But believe me, a simple family dinner can give you memories for the rest of your life.All you need to do is order on the official website of FooDrool or download the Android or IOS app of FooDrool.And order food online to experience the joy of eating together.
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