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restaurant with only one dish love's perfect questions -

by:Two Eight     2019-08-13
restaurant with only one dish love\'s perfect questions -

Have you noticed how the work week will accumulate dust that separates and separates you from other important people?You're doing your business.Your partner is doing his/her thing.You are all very busy and do your best to take into account the needs of work, family, children, money, carpooling, exercise, homework, meals and so on, basically managing the continuing needs of modern life.You already know from experience that it's easy to fall into the trap of living together and "missing" at the same time.If you are not careful, this separation and isolation of dust will pile up over time into long-lasting soot, making your relationship discolored.The result is the loss of intimacy, love and connection.Happy couples promise to wash away the dust on a regular basis and renew their intimacy, feelings and bonds.How did they do it?One way is for couples across the country to have a weekly ceremony: a date night.Dinner and movies.Walk in the park.Drink at the club.A romantic night.You name it.Couples will take part in a variety of appointments to spend time and reconnect, hoping to enjoy each other's company.But to be honest, some dates are better than others.Is the date good or bad?If you think about it, it's not a date activity;This is the intimate relationship and connection inspired during the appointment.important.If you have been to fiveThe star restaurant is just to have a terrible battle with your loved one and you fully understand what I mean.Again, if intimacy, love and connection are strong, you can date at the local burger shop.This is not an activity.This is a close relationship.In a long-Term relationship, it can sometimes be difficult to get to this place during a date.This is because it's not just you and your partner who are dating.Each of you will also bring a week of accumulated dirt (sometimes even more) to the evening ).Pressure from work and family, injuries and mistakes felt during the week, potential needs that were not met, hopes and fears about money, relationships and self.How can you wash these off and enjoy a real connection with your partner?Like many other important things in life, it becomes much easier when you know what questions to ask.Here are eight questions that you and your partner can ask each other on a date night, which promises to rebuild love, intimacy, connection and trust within minutes.Some questions need courage to ask at first.It’s ok.Be courageous.They become easier by practicing.The benefit of these questions is that they help you put down what you carry with you, often unconscious, while building an intimate relationship with your partner.As a result, a couple has re-established the foundation of their relationship and enjoyed more love, connection and intimacy.Once you have asked each other these questions, you will find it much easier to actually enjoy the activities of the date as well.1.Is there anything I got you wrong?2.Did you make me do something wrong?3.What are the demands that you are not meeting?4.Have you ever wanted to say anything I haven't heard?5.What are you happy about in our lives?6.What do you want to be admitted?7.What are you working on in your life and work this week?8.What do you need to give up in order to achieve this?Common sense is used when practicing this exercise.Here are some guidelines to follow: * First, choose one partner to ask questions and the other to answer.Look at all eight questions.Switch roles when you're done.* Your job is not to judge, criticize or defend when asking a question.Your job is to listen.Listen from an open and sincere place.If you find yourself angry, hurt, or sad by what your partner says, let go and listen more.If needed, you can bring it up after your partner answers all eight questions.* In answering questions, your job is to take full responsibility for your life experience.Use a statement like "I" like "I 've been trying to say I want you to go through my hair with your fingers" instead of "You never go through my hair with your fingers ".* To end, express your love and gratitude for each other and have fun on a date!Try these questions on your next appointment.You will be surprised by the sudden "discovery" of love, connection and intimacy in your relationship.
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