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Restaurant Week Mumbai: A celebration of food - mekenita restaurant signature dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-02
Restaurant Week Mumbai: A celebration of food  -  mekenita restaurant signature dishes
Mumbai's second restaurant week, which starts on Sunday, February 6, offers a chance to dine at a premium restaurant at a discounted price.
Food lovers in Mumbai have reason to explore new restaurants.
Mumbai's second restaurant week, which starts on Sunday, February 6, offers a chance to dine at a premium restaurant at a discounted price.
Although this concept is popular all over the world, it is only the second time that Mumbai has held this event.
People can register their meals at a participating restaurant through a common website and enjoy three-
Each Rs1, 000 package.
If you want wine, it's 2 thousand rupees per head.
"With the restaurant week, we wanted to build excitement around the food," says food writer Mangal Dalal, one of the three people behind the week-long celebration.
"It's an opportunity for customers to go out and try new places to eat, and for restaurants it's an opportunity to reach out to different customers.
"I 've been trying Vetro, Olive, and Stax for a long time.
"Restaurant Week is just an excuse to go out for dinner," agreed Suchitra Laxman, a telecom professional, who was very excited about the event.
"For a special occasion, we will eventually try these places, but it's good to go there like this and the discounted price makes it viable.
Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, a food blogger in Mumbai, is in a family of 5-
The star hotel in the restaurant cycle in September was not impressed by the place, but was impressed by the concept.
"It makes your expectations right and you can try different places before you finally choose a place to splurge," she said . ".
This is exactly what Gauri Devidayal wants to achieve for her new restaurant in Colaba-the dining table.
"Usually, in our restaurant, the price of a meal is about Rs 500 per person, but people have the opportunity to enjoy the same food at two points --
The price is too expensive.
They will come back if they like it!
Devidayal's restaurant is part of a five-person ensemble
Star-rated and independent restaurants.
"As a relatively new restaurant, we are looking forward to the exposure," she said . ".
Meanwhile, Jeetesh Kaprani, catering manager at Oberoi, Mumbai, was excited to introduce chef Vincenzo's work during the event.
"Vincenzo recently boarded the boat with us and restaurant week gave us a great opportunity to showcase his signature dishes," Kaprani said . ".
"We want guests to experience food, presentations and provide feedback to us.
"The special restaurant of Mumbai Restaurant Week is carefully selected by Dalal, Azeem Zainulbhai and Nachiket Shetye.
"We talked to a lot of people," Dalal said . ".
Of course, we tried these restaurants ourselves.
We don't want to compromise on quality.
When Dalal wrote about food, his partner, Shetye, was a chef and Zainulbhai, a banker-born restaurant owner.
The three assess the overall experience in the restaurant.
"Great Food, great atmosphere, great service and fun cutlery are all part of the restaurant experience," explains Dalal . ".
All three of them live abroad and experience and enjoy the restaurant week in New York and London, which is why they started such an event in Mumbai.
After their first restaurant week in Delhi in September 2010, they recently ended the restaurant week in Delhi.
Speaking about the plan for the Indian restaurant week, Dalal said, "This is purely a passionate product for us, but we certainly want to expand to other Indian cities through this concept.
We want to focus on the premium restaurants so we may not see a large number of restaurants participating in the event, but there are very few exceptions.
Considering that the registration of this event was done entirely through their website, Indian restaurant week seems to be an Internetand social-media-savvy company.
Their first event in Mumbai due to word-of-
Word of mouth promotion from food blogs and enthusiasts.
"Social media plays an important role in spreading the word.
So we have a Facebook page, but it is more convenient to register on the website. "Said Dalal.
"It's hard for customers to call every restaurant to book.
People can register their chosen restaurant anytime and anywhere through the website.
"So far, the concept seems to have received double praise from customers and restaurants.
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