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restaurant that serves turkey or chicken dish mediterranean restaurant at the swissotel nai lert park in ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
A Mediterranean restaurant in Bangkok is not common, but there are several, and the best one is probably Dolce Vita from Ma Maison.This restaurant has an interesting pedigree, starting in its early 90 s, is a highFor years, it has been considered one of the top two French restaurants in the city.Its current incarnation draws on this tradition, as well as its strong Italian influence-hence the name of Italy-to produce a food and beverage venue that supplies ingredients from Mediterranean countries and mixes a variety of delicacies.
The survey of the menu shows: Rabbits and truffles, as well as gorgonzola cheese mixed with olive oil, light dishes and yellow tail tuna provide diners with a variety of dishes, for those who really love food, this is interesting.The cuisine itself is mainly a blend of Italian and French cuisine, modern and innovative.There are also parts of Risottos and pastas that are mainly Italian.
On a recent trip, I tasted four dishes that included a variety of different styles and ingredients presented here.From the appetizer menu, I chose the Caesar salad, although there are many other interesting dishes in this section, mainly because I want to see it at the table made from scratch.This is something that few restaurants do, and the waiter needs to be well trained to do it correctly at the table.
The waiter here is knowledgeable and very accomplished, creating a Caesar with the right amount of garlic, anchovy and mustard in his seasoning, at least for my taste.A black truffle soup deep into the French territory, topped with ellellini bean foam and a few pieces of truffle, giving it a light and very rich taste to supplement the delicious taste of the soup.Maine lobster with tomato sauce pasta is also very successful the most likely reason is that the acidity of the tomato sauce is softened by cream and does not affect the delicate taste of the lobster as elsewhere.
My last dish was the veal tenderloin with foie gras and some black truffles showing the real variety of French cooking.Thick, fully cooked tenderloin is placed on the spinach bed with some other vegetables.This dish represents the real root of the restaurant-a refined French-style culinary pedigree-which successfullyThe menu uses Mediterranean ingredients to cook dishes of different styles at a lighter price.
It's not an easy thing to integrate these styles into a consistent menu, but Ma Maison's La Dolce Vita seems to have done its elegant ads easily
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