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restaurant that only serves side dishes why bangkok is best place for food lovers? - restaurant ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Bangkok is a city with amazing perfumes, visual fun and chilled lifestyle.Whether it's a spectacular Sanctuary, an incredible fortress, a floating market or an exciting nightlife, every place in the city has its own story.This place offers travelers a great opportunity to explore the secrets of the land.
In addition, traveling in Bangkok is also a good place for food lovers.The advantage of the Thai people is that they blend the cooking methods and ingredients of every culture in the world.When you are in the city, the choice of food is unlimited.
Biscotty restaurantOne of the best Italian restaurants in the city is the Four Seasons Hotel Biscotti.The price there is a bit high, but at the same time the food is very delicious and the atmosphere is what the Thai people call "high-so\".The pizza is delicious and has a hard crust.
there are plenty of carefully prepared seafood to choose from.You can also try the beef liver fungus and mushroom soup.2.Eat my restaurantIf you want to eat European food in Thailand, we would recommend the "eat me" restaurant located in Four Seasons Hotel.
Not only does this restaurant offer local and European cuisine, but its interior decoration is pleasing to the eye.3.BBQ restaurantIt's hard to find delicious American food, but the roadside barbecue meets your expectations and you can count on it.This is the best place to eat, where you will get the best BBQ ribs, pulled meat sandwiches, grilled chicken and so on, representing the real American BBQ.
Gaggan restaurantGaggan serves hearty Indian food..If Indian restaurants become popular in Bangkok, it's all because of Gagan.The pre-Fun for dinner is Anand's view of raita.
The jelly shell protects the mix of Indian spices and yogurt that will come out of your mouth and release the flavor together.5.Supani restaurantInspired by the grandmother's recipe, the owner of this restaurant serves a variety of traditional Thai dishes.Don't forget to order beef salad and pork curry.
The dishes here are very delicious and the taste is good.This is one of the most suitable restaurants for food lovers in Bangkok.In addition, you can explore Thai street food and taste local food.
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