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restaurant supply white dishes how to make paper hats for a crown roast | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
When you're bothered to prepare a delicious grilled crown, whether it's pork, lamb or beef, take extra steps to add traditional paper decor to your ribsbone ends.You can buy from a restaurant store, but there is no real reason to do so.They are quick to make, especially if you use a simple, professional tool trick.

Traditionally, the decor is white and the plain white copy paper works well.If you want to have fun with a small hat, you can use colored paper, origami or scrapbook paper or foil.
Cut the paper into 2 1/2x5 inch strips.One for each rib.
Fold half of the paper vertically, or "hot dog ".
Clip along the folded edge with edge scissors and cut about half of the open edge.Edge scissors have several stacked blades that can be cut multiple times at a time.If you don't have edge scissors, make about 1/4 small cracks along the folded edge.
Wrap the strap around your finger and add a little tape outside.
Add the hat to the cooked food and bow.
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