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Restaurant's recipe for success - thai dishes restaurant pensacola

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
Restaurant\'s recipe for success  -  thai dishes restaurant pensacola
Turn off when it's quiet and turn on when it's busy.
It's a simple business strategy, but it's a worthwhile strategy for Siam star Thai restaurant owner Dang Therdsak Dansuckchai in Launceston.
The penalty rate is a curse for many small hotels and retail stores, and Dan sukguess says he feels the same pressure.
Meanwhile, the Tasmanian Hotel Association conducted a survey to measure the full impact of penalty rates for weekends and public holidays, which said it caused businesses to remain closed on Sundays and public holidays
The federal Fair Work Commission is reviewing a number of industries calling for a reduction in the penalty rate.
Mr. dansukchai said that 13 years after running the family
Running a restaurant with this simple principal, he is as busy as ever, especially on public holidays.
On Christmas Day, he was very busy and served the tourists because he said only two or three other restaurants in the central business district were open.
As of December, his business was about cooperating with tourists, while for most of the year, the proportion of tourists and locals was 50 respectively.
In the past, he said that at this time of year, some accommodation places called him to check if he was open because there was no other place for the guests to go.
Mr. Dansuckchai said that he was able to operate on public holidays and only arrange a limited number of staff, mainly family members, and was working on his own.
To solve the problem, the restaurant will be closed on quiet days and every July, because there are too few people around, he said.
They closed all day yesterday and opened normally at night because it is now a quiet post station. During the new year.
However, as more people return to work and then back to school, business will return to trading every Thursday, seven nights.
Maree Tetlow, executive officer of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, said this is the way some businesses need to operate.
Tetlow MS said that the ongoing penalty rate "legend" has never been-
However, according to a recent survey, this is not the issue that members are most concerned about, and creating jobs and attracting new industries are considered the most important.
She did not believe that the business owner wanted to see the employees at a disadvantage, but had to put in place the right level of compensation, which did not make the operator suffer.
Vanessa Cahoon, executive officer of the city dance, said the payment penalty rate was a common complaint among many business owners in the CBD, leading them to choose to remain closed.
"I have received a lot of feedback over the past week and people are disappointed with the lack of a place to open," Cahoon MS . ".
"But this is also a positive factor for some other people who have successfully opened and have gained quite a bit of business.
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