Restaurant review: Apna Chaat House is a trip to Mumbai via Surrey - most unhealthy chain restaura

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Restaurant review: Apna Chaat House is a trip to Mumbai via Surrey - most unhealthy chain restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-12
Restaurant review: Apna Chaat House is a trip to Mumbai via Surrey  -  most unhealthy chain restaurant dishes
This is a concept of street food.
It comes from every corner of India, but it is mainly Mumbai, where most Indian food trends are born.
'Apna Chaat HouseWhere: SurreyOpen, 7500 120th Street: 11: 30 A. M. m. to 8 p. m. apnachaa.
When it comes to Indian food in Vancouver and Canada, there is a name that becomes the focus.
Do I need to say it?
But Surrey is from India.
Canada's lawn, yes, there are some gems in many Indian restaurants in this huge city.
Apna Chaat in Surrey
The name I didn't mention Mia Steinby/PNGThe-Vikram Vij —
Do you have my Shanti restaurant? This is an exotic modern restaurant offering delicious food.
But Apna Chaat deserves a shout
The street food here is a local treasure.
When you pay a paltry bill at the counter, you feel like you have a high score.
Most dishes are $7 to $8 and most will fill your tank. Apna Chaat (“our snack”)
It looks like a mom and pop restaurant, but the thoughts behind it are not educated by grandmothers and aunts.
Bikram and Jogi Singh are chefs in Mumbai and have previously run several other Indian restaurants
Se, Mumbai, Surrey (
As the locals know, Bollywood filming has attracted visiting Indian celebrities)
There is also a Mumbai cafe in Kitsilano, Vancouver.
"This is a complete street food concept," Bikram said in a telephone interview . ".
"It's from every corner of India, but it's mainly Mumbai (
Former name of Mumbai)
Most Indian food trends are born here.
Bikram used to be at the Grand Taj Palace (
Besieged by terrorists in 2008
He was in Vancouver at that time)
Jogi was considered the best restaurant job in Mumbai 20 years ago.
Opened 7 years ago, Apna Chaat has outperformed other restaurants with great success.
"This is a constant peak," he said . "
"Between 500 and 600 people pass every day.
Golgappa street food in Apna Chaat, Surrey.
Mia stanby/pnggol head to the golgappa take-out counter on the side of the restaurant, where they can stand and pop golpopupas like in India or take them home. Local Indo-
Canadians are fascinated by golpoppas, but since this dish is rare in these places, some explanation is needed.
They are crispy hollow fried wheat sticks, kind of like Ping-Pong balls.
You open the top, mix the spoon with hummus and potatoes, then drink some tamarind or chili water, and sip it with a big breath.
They sell 3,000 to 4,000 pounds a day.
"It's very time-consuming to make it," Singh said . ".
"Some people don't blow.
You will find them everywhere in Mumbai.
Super casual Apna Chaat.
The chef's father is on duty to accept the order and will come and chat if the order is broken. A first-
The timer can panic as unfamiliar menus make sense.
No curry here!
For some golgappa (
Called panipuri again)
One order at six or 24.
You want to know how this labor-intensive snack originated.
Translated Dahi Batata Puri refers to yogurt potatoes and puffed bread that is a bit like golgappa.
It was stuffed with potatoes, chicken, onions, crispy vermicelli and yogurt, and three hot and sour sauces.
There are 7 plates on one plate, too many, not finished. Ha!
That's what we think.
"It's very hot in India, so yogurt will cool down," Singh said . ".
I tried Pav Bhaji.
Pav is a Portuguese-style bread derived from the word leg. Why?
In the past without an electric mixer, the Portuguese mixed the dough with the feet, just like the grape crusher.
Bhaji is a special mixture of potatoes, carrots, peas and spices that are only used in this dish.
It was a meh for me, but the chicken Tikka Kathi roll made me happy.
The chicken tikka and eggs cooked in tandoor are wrapped in paratha with a French fries from the Indian Kitchen, which is very delicious.
Pork skewers of sheep in Apna Chaat Surrey.
Mia Steinby/PNGFrankies is part of a global food fusion that is everywhere.
"An Indian gentleman came to Turkey and saw shawarma packing and created it in Mumbai.
In the canteen, office
It is made of very soft flat bread.
Like a burrito, it can be stuffed with a variety of fillings.
Another popular dish is the Indian burger, made with potato pie and hot and sour sauce caught in the pav.
The plot continues, dishes like chicken lollipops, Seff Puri --
Too many Indians don't like Chinese food. I can't leave it in India.
Apna Chaat gives customers what they want when they want to rest from Indians
Chow mein, fried rice, vegetable rolls, won a lot with Sichuan sauce. Pretty retro. (
When Singh was cooking at the Taj Mahal, he was in charge of Chinese restaurants. )
Apna Chaat is a long drive from Vancouver, but it won't be a shame.
Consider a time trip to Mumbai for a street food tour.
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