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by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
The traditional Spanish cuisine has rich taste and crisp taste;chewy;gooey;and stringy.The most popular Spanish food comes from rice and vegetables and uses a flavor base called sofrito to season dishes and soups.Sofrito is a gentle tomato base and a staple in traditional Spanish cooking methods.Many restaurants have Spanish food on the menu, such as rice.Tortillas, tacos, tacos or flan.
The word "Hispanic" describes people from Spain or Spain --It's Latin America.The Spanish colonial period took place between 1492 and 1898. Spanish immigrants came from Spain and brought traditional Spanish food.Spanish food originated from the traditional cooking methods of the ancestors of Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar;It is from here that Hispanic people draw their traditions and roots, and the main ways in which they cook and develop recipes.
The history of Hispanic food dates back to the Hispanic population starting to learn how to cook land by growing rice, peppers, beans, tomatoes in Spain's rich and humid climate.Meat and dairy products were added to the recipe, meat for tortillas and meat for decorative cheese.Spanish food has transitioned over the years and has slightly changed to the original corn tortillas that are now cooked with oil, as well as the more spicy rice made with cheese and chili, including the food found in many fast foodRestaurants, restaurants and supermarkets.
Tortillas are plain, warm or fried and can serve as the basis for many Spanish dishes.Tortillas can be made into tortillas or tortillas to accompany salsa or soy sauce.Flour tortillas are also popular and can be used as an alternative to tortillas and other Spanish dishes if necessary.
Rice and beans are an important part of traditional Spanish food recipes.Rice and beans can be served as side dishes, well matched with tortillas and burritos, and also as fillings for burritos, tortillas and chimichangas.Meat such as shredded or ground beef, shredded chicken and pork form the main dishes of Spanish cuisine, of which parrilladas, tampiquenas and fajitas are most popularA wide variety of vegetables such as peppers, potatoes, jicama, Silan, Napa, tomatoes and some types of pumpkins can be found in traditional Spanish foods.
Traditional Spanish food is eaten daily in Spanish families, of which the most popular are tortillas, Mexican pizza, tortillas salad and burrito.The celebration of the Spanish festival, such as Cinco de Mayo, shows the whole tradition of traditional Spanish cuisine in many parts of the world.Many traditional Hispanic drinks are also used to celebrate Hispanic traditions and pride such as tequila, margar tower and Mexican beer.Some of the most popular Spanish dishes prepared during Cinco de Mayo are carnitas, barbocoa, moles and menudo.
Traditional Spanish food can be identified by the appearance of the tortillas and the thick, rich enchilada sauce, which can be green, brown or red, similar to thick gravy.Rice and fried beans are usually served inside or on the side of the tortillas, and this dish can be called enchilada or chimichanga if fried outside.The melted cheese on it is also a good sign of Spanish food.
The function of Spanish food is to satisfy the traditional cultivation, consumption and supply of Spanish food.The carbohydrate content of Spanish food is very high, because it is accompanied by its beans and cheese, so it becomes a kind of food to fill the stomach.The combination of beans and cheese with spicy spices and Salsa adds flavor and traditional Spanish flavor to the food.Spanish food can be made into food quickly, cheaply and easily for large groups and large families.Most Hispanic foods are kept for a long time and will not deteriorate if stored in a cool and dry place.
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